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Penalties for Late Submission


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Editable Autotext for AOU CODES 200, 215, 216, 217 & 218

The penalty for late submission of an assessment task (without obtaining the Subject Coordinator's approval for an extension) will be:

10% deduction per day, including weekends, of the maximum marks allocated for the assessment task, i.e. 1 day late 10% deduction, or 2 days late 20% deduction.

An example of the calculation would be:

Maximum marks allocated = 20
Penalty for one day late = 2 marks (so, a score of 18/20 becomes 16/20 and a score of 12/20 becomes 10/20).

If an assessment is due on a Friday but is not submitted until the following Tuesday, then the penalty will be four days (40% deduction or 8 marks in the example above).

Submissions more than 10 days late will be acknowledged as received but will not be marked.

Editable Autotext for Division of Learning & Teaching (800)

Assessment items submitted more than one (1) week late will not be accepted unless valid grounds can be established and relevant documentation provided. Only original documentation will be considered. However, this process is not a guaranteed acceptance for late or extended submission of assessments.

Any student submitting late assessment items without valid grounds may be assessed as not meeting requirements and an unsatisfactory grade will be awarded in the subject.

Assessments received more than two weeks after their due dates, without an extension having been granted, will be returned with no marks awarded.

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