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Subject Outlines & Copyright

Consideration needs to be given to the source of material being placed in your Subject Outline. As far as copyright is concerned there are 2 main sources, material you or CSU have created and currently own copyright and material created by others for which they or their publisher will own copyright.

Copyright owned by the University

The copyright in materials created in the course of your work with CSU are generally owned by the University. Materials may be placed in the Subject Outline where the copyright is owned by the University.

Copyright owned by others

Materials created by others cannot be included in your online Subject Outline unless:

  • the copyright owner has granted written permission
  • it is considered to be in the ‘public domain’, for which the copyright period has expired - generally the lifetime of the creator plus 70 years
  • written permission available under a Creative Commons Licence
  • supplied under licence to the University

Third-party copyright works, for which the above conditions do not apply, must not be scanned and placed in Subject Outlines, they must be handled differently in order to comply with the law.

What about other material?

CSU is able to rely on the provisions set out in Part VB of the Australian Copyright Act 1968 to scan and communicate copyright works, such as journal articles and book chapters from print sources. Because of the conditions and limits imposed by the Act, this material must be managed through the use of eReserve. Once materials are loaded on eReserve, they can be viewed within the Subject Outline by the use of a link that will display the material on the page. eReserve procedures can be found on the CSU Library website.
For more information on this or other copyright matters please email