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Known Issues & Troubleshooting

Also see the FAQ and log an SRS Request if you require further assistance. Issues that seem to be of a technical nature can be raised via an IT Service Desk Request. You can use the Search function at the top right of this website to find specific information. Search Results will default to instances of your search terms within this ‘DLT Subject Outline’ site.

Access Issues/Missing Outlines

Access issues can occur due to various integration glitches. Before logging an IT Service Desk Request, please verify that you are experiencing an integration issue by checking the following four (4) things:

  1. Are you in the right Dashboard?
  2. You will not be able to action your Outline from the incorrect Dashboard or Search. Click the correct left hand menu item:

    1. Authoring dashboard for Authors
    2. Quality Assuring dashboard for QAOs; and HOS to QA varied Outlines
    3. Tracking dashboard for Heads of School and Support HOS

  3. Do you have the correct session selected in the Session filter?
  4. Session/s are selectable from the dropdown menu on the top right hand side of your Dashboard.

  5. Is your name listed under the correct role when you view the Outline via the SOT Search?
  6. If you have the correct Dashboard and Session selected and still cannot find your Outline, use the SOT Search to see if your name is listed under the correct role:

    1. If your name is listed in the correct role, there is likely an integration issue so please log a request.
    2. If your name is not listed, please ask your Faculty Subjects Team to add you via ACSES.

  7. Is your offering excluded from the SOT?
  8. If you cannot find the Outline via Search, please see Offering types excluded from the SOT. You may need to check the SAL and/or CASIMS then follow up with your Faculty Subjects Team if there appears to be an error.

    Be aware that an IT Service Desk Request is required to push offerings into the SOT after a ‘No Subject Outline’ tag is removed from the CASIMS Subject Profile.

CASIMS Learning Outcomes formatting issues

The SOT handles some CASIMS Learning Outcome formatting quirks - but not all. Your Faculty Subjects Team is able to correct the format. However, please email if you encounter issues after:

  1. the obvious issues have been corrected; and
  2. a Data Refresh has been run on your Outline/s.

Editor – insert PDF landscape page ‘remove’ option

The ‘remove’ button on the editor’s option to ‘Insert PDF Landscape Page’ is not functional. Please use backspace on your keyboard to remove the landscape orientation from the selected content.

MathType and ChemType content may not save in Chrome

Firefox recommended if authoring formula.

Also see information on using special characters for an Assessment Item ‘Task’.

Overseas users - due dates in Assessment Items

Overseas users of date format MM/DD/YYYY will experience issues picking Due Dates in Assessment Items. See FAQ.

Unpinned floating toolbar display

If floating toolbar is unpinned, the editor sticky toolbar does not display against the top of the screen.

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