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Known Issues

Users are encouraged to familiarise themselves with 'Known Issues' described on this page. These issues needn't be reported, as DIT and DLT are already aware of them.


Large BLACKBOARD banner appearing on announcements

Observed Behaviour:

When an announcement is sent a large BLACKBOARD banner is added to the beginning of the announcement.


A temporary workaround so the large BLACKBOARD banner is not displayed is to select the option to 'Send a copy of this announcement immediately'.

Users are not receiving re-sent Announcements

This information also applies to teaching staff that re-use announcements copied/imported from previous sessions.

There have been changes in the way that Announcements operate.

Previously, if an already sent announcement were re-edited and submitted, users would receive the additional announcement email notification. Since a recent product update, if a user wishes to resend a notification email, they will need to ensure that 'Send a copy of this announcement' option is selected before submitting.

The option 'Send a copy of this announcement' operates in the same way as if the announcement was sent immediately when the announcement was first created, i.e. 'Send a copy of this announcement immediately.'

There will be an issue if you are attempting to resend a date-restricted announcement. By setting an announcement to be released at a future point in time, by design, a user will not be able to use the 'Send a copy of this announcement' option. Blackboard is aware of this oversight, and a solution will be provided in a future product version.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release 

Interact2 links are URLs that start with

When sending Interact2 links, or attached items such as files and images in announcements, the email recipient may not be able to open or view these items. Please review the following information in regards to sending announcements.:

  • Posting an announcement with an Interact2 link, or attached file (via Insert File), and with the option 'send copy immediately' left unchecked, users will not be able to open the attachment. This issue is known to Blackboard and will be fixed in a future release.
  • Posting an announcement with an attached file (via Insert File), with the 'send copy immediately' option checked will provide the user with a valid link to access the resource, however, the user will need to be already logged into Interact2 to be able to access the resource. This access can be worked around by changing the permissions of the file resource located in the Content Collection.
  • Posting an announcement with an embedded image (via Insert Image) will not appear in the recipient's email as their email client (including some web-based email clients) is not able to access Interact2 resources. This access can be worked around by changing the permissions of the file resource located in the Content Collection.

Please note that changing the file permissions will allow anyone from outside the University to view the resource if they have access to the link. To change the file permissions:

  1. Navigate to the file resource in the Content Collection
  2. On the file options, select 'Permissions'
  3. Click on the 'Permit Anyone' button
  4. Default will be Read Access (leave as default)
  5. Submit

For more information about sending announcements, and the options available, please review the documentation on Announcements.

Receiving duplicate notifications for an Announcement

If a site has more than 100 users, a sender will receive multiple notifications for an announcement. This duplication will only occur for the sender of the announcement, and not the other site members.

The reasoning behind this is that emails are batched and sent in groups of 100, with the sender receiving a copy for each group sent.

If the site has less than 100 users, and users are receiving multiple announcements, please submit a DIT Service Desk request.

Blogs & Journals

An image inserted into a Blog or Journal reduces in size after submission

This issue only applies to images wider than 350 pixels (92.6 mm).

When inserting an image into the text editor of a Blog, or Journal it will appear correctly in the text editor, and when using the Preview mode.

After submitting the entry, an image larger than 350 px (92.6 mm) will be proportionally scaled back to an image no wider than 350 px.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release

Content Area

Issues with video playback

Please review this known issue.

Links containing '&' are not working when set to open up in the same window

This issue is relevant if you are using links with URLs containing an ampersand '&' and are using the default option 'Open in This Window/Frame.'

The link will normally appear in the content area, but when clicking on the link, a user will be directed to an area to launch the external link, the link presented is malformed and will not work.

Workaround: Using the 'Open in New Window (_blank)' option will prevent this issue.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release  

Content Editor Paste Button in the menu does not work

Users will experience issues using the Paste button on the Content Editor menu when using Chrome and Firefox. A warning will be presented indicating to use the keyboard shortcuts.

The workaround is to use the keyboard shortcuts to copy, cut and paste.

Ctrl+C - Copy
Ctrl+X - Cut
Ctrl+V - Paste

Students receiving a fatal error when trying to attempt a SCORM module, or take a SCORM test.

In rare circumstances, if a student has attempted a SCORM module that has tracking enabled, or a SCORM test, and un-enrols and then re-enrols, they will receive an error when re-attempting the module and/or test.

If you encounter this issue, please submit a DIT Service Desk request, so that the matter can be confirmed. If this is the case, you will likely need to have the SCORM package and test re-deployed.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release  

Cursor Unexpectedly Moves when Editing Words using the Spell-check Function in the Content Area

After using the Spell-check function, placing the cursor into a misspelt word and making corrections, the cursor moves to the end of the text and spell-check switches off.

This does not prevent spell-check to be switched back on and can be avoided by using one of the suggested word replacements.

Status: No planned fix, feature request exists

Content Collection

Unable to access sites Content Collection

If you are experiencing issues in accessing the sites Content Collection, or experience issues when Importing or Copying to a site that you have recently gained access to, please note it may take up to an hour for to gain access to the Content Collection.

Cannot find user when assigning Content Collection permissions

This issue is related to assigning a particular user the permissions on a Content Collection Item using the 'Select Specific Users' option.

When assigning permissions for a user using the 'Select Specific Users' tool, permissions can be granted by entering the username into the field provided; this process is operating as expected.

In the situations where the username of the user is unknown, the Browse feature allows the operator to search for the user. If this does not find the individual sought, it will be due to the intended individual not allowing this in their privacy settings.

Global Navigation -> Personal Information -> Set Privacy Options -> Directory Status

CSU Replay (Panopto)

New sites are using the CSU Replay folders and configurations created from an earlier site.

This known issue is only related to new sites that have used Course/Organisation Copy to carry over information from an existing site using CSU Replay. If using Export/Import, the issue will not occur.

When using CSU Replay in a site for the first time, a message will appear indicating that the site is not provisioned and that it needs to be set up. Upon configuring, the site will provision, and a new folder dedicated to the site will be created (with the option to use other folders if desired).

When this issue occurs (after a course/organisation copy), the new site will not provide the opportunity to set up a new instance in CSU Replay. Instead, it will be pointing back to the folder created from the past site.

The workaround to be used (which will affect the available statistics) is to rename the resource folder to that of the current subject site. Be sure that the session code, for example, 201760 is updated to the correct session. This will avoid the folder and its videos from being removed under CSU Replay's Retention Policy.

Status: Fixed in the next CSU Replay (Panopto) update

Further help

The official help site for CSU Replay (Panopto) can be found using the following link:

CSU Replay help and documentation.

DOMS Integration

Observed Behaviour:

Users may experience issues when accessing or creating resources using the DOMS Object (NCLOR Object) tool within Interact2


We are working with Blackboard to replace DOMS Objects with DOMS Web Links for all affected sites. We are also working with Blackboard and Equella (DOMS vendor) for a permanent solution.

In the immediate term, staff can re-add the DOMS reference as a Web Link. Copy the resource link in DOMS and create a new Web Link in Interact2:

  1. Right click on the DOMS resource and Copy Link Address

2. Add new Web Link in Interact2

Discussion Board

Subscribed Discussion Board users not receiving email notifications

Please be advised that if not receiving notifications from Interact2, it is more than likely that notification settings are not allowing it, the email message is being blocked in transit, or the email notification is ending up in a Junk Folder in a users mailbox.

In rare instances (only three confirmed occurrences), there may be an issue for a subscribed user of a Discussion Board not to be sent the email notification related to a new posting.

There is no available workaround for this issue. However, Blackboard has recently created a fix to be released in our next upgrade.

Status: Expected to be fixed in the January upgrade

Discussion Board posts are visible to students when settings should prevent access

This issue is relevant to those staff who use both Rubrics for their Discussion Boards, and the setting 'Participants must create a thread in order to view other threads in the forum'.

When using the setting 'Participants must create a thread in order to view other threads in the forum', a student will be prohibited from viewing other Discussion Board posts unless they have posted a Discussion Board post themselves.

This restriction will work unless a Rubric has been linked to the Discussion Board based assessment. If a Rubric is added to the Discussion Board, a student who has not posted could use the 'Grading Information' button to view the posts made by other students.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release  

Discussions Board Reverts Back to List View

When viewing discussion boards in Tree view, it reverts to List View when you refresh or navigate away from the current thread.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release


At-Risk Students not being Identified in Retention Centre

The red dot is not shown against an existing alert within the Risk Table of the Retention Centre. This makes it difficult to determine which students are at risk.

Please review these alternative methods that may provide some assistance in identifying at-risk students.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release

Overall Summary of User Activity Report Does not Show Wiki Tool Hits

The Overall Summary of User Activity Report in courses does not display hits for the Wiki tool

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release

Incorrect Labels Displayed in Overall Summary of Activity Reports

The overall summary of user activity reports in courses, show the labels rather than the actual text for:

  1. @X@course.service_level_label@X@ Messages
  2. resource/x-bb-mobile-assessment.test.list
Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release

Grade Centre

Locked Grade Centre is showing a blank, an incorrect assessment mark, or an incorrect final grade

This issue may occur if Grade Centre has duplicate columns that had not been removed before Grade Transfer. This includes duplicate columns that are hidden from the Instructor. The Grade Centre Health Check resource assists in identifying which items have duplicate columns.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release

Child Course ID blank when including hidden information in Grade Centre download

On merged sites, when downloading the Grade Centre and selecting 'Yes' for 'Include Hidden Information', the Child Course ID is displayed with a blank value for all users in the file. However, if 'Include Hidden Information' is disabled (this is the default) it does show the 'Child Course ID'.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release 

Unable to reorder columns in Grade Centre using Chrome

Under certain versions of Chrome, you may experience difficulties in reordering Grade Centre columns under Column Organisation.

If you experience this issue, please update Chrome to the latest version.

To update Chrome:

  1. Enter Options (three vertical dots at the top right-hand side)
  2. Enter 'Help'
  3. Enter 'About Google Chrome'
  4. Chrome will automatically update

Calculated Grade assigns a student an SY instead of a US

This issue applies to a limited number of sites that are using SY and US final grades.

Viewing or editing SY and US marks are equivalent to using the numbers 1, and 0 respectively (SY=1, US=0). Either value can be utilised for marking assessments without concern.

If a student (or students) are receiving a final SY grade, instead of a US (as they did not successfully complete one or more assessments items) then there is either a configuration issue with Grade Centre or a numerical value greater than one (1) has been entered into a Grade Centre column.

Before proceeding, the first step is to ensure that your Grade Centre is configured correctly. Your Grade Centre Champion may be able to guide you through this process if required.

If your Grade Centre is configured correctly, then the issue is likely that for a US/SY assessment, a mark higher than one (1) has been entered into a Grade Centre column.

There a few potential ways in which this has occurred, invalid mark(s):

  • have been manually entered into a Grade Centre column, or
  • have been uploaded via the 'Work Offline' tool, or
  • an existing score column has been converted into an SY/US column containing existing scores above one (1).

The best way to identify these invalid scores is to use Grading Colour Codes by adding criteria that will change the background colour of any cell that is 'More Than or Equal To' the value of 100.1%. To fix the invalid scores, replace the 'SY' value with a '1' value; demonstrated with this video.

Calculated Grade displays 'US' in Grade Centre, but shows 0 in the downloaded Grade Sheet

Viewing or editing SY and US marks are equivalent to using the numbers 1, and 0 respectively (SY=1, US=0). Either value can be utilised for marking assessments without concern.

This known issue is regarding the Calculated Grade calculation displaying 'US' in Grade Centre, but when downloading the Grade Sheet, it may have the Calculated Grade shown as 0.

Grade Transfer will still work correctly; the process will not attempt to send the 0 value to Banner. Instead, it will determine and transfer the correct value of 'US'.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release 

Students are unable to view assessment mark even if the Grade Centre column is made visible to students (Assessment Visibility).

If a grade centre column is linked to an assessable item such as a test, and that assessment item is hidden from the student (for example, using availability dates or adaptive release), then the marks will be hidden from the students 'My Grades'.

Making the assessment item visible to the student will allow the student to see their mark.

Status: Known to Blackboard, no planned fix.

The Grade Transfer Summary and Exception Report was not received by email.

In a limited number of subjects, there may be an issue where Grade Transfer was performed but the Grade Sign-off Officer did not receive the Transfer Summary or Exception Report by email.

For these occurrences, it may not reveal errors if the Grades failed to transfer to Banner.

It is important to check Banner as a part of the checking process and is recommended to run the Grade Readiness Report regularly through the grading period.

Status: Expected to be fixed in the January upgrade

Self and Peer Assessment creates duplicate Grade Centre columns upon site import.

Please review this Known Issue.

My Grades: Cannot exit Student Preview when there are no columns visible

When viewing My Grades under Student Preview; if there are no columns visible, you will not be able to exit Student Preview unless you navigate somewhere else in the site first.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release    

My Grades formatting issue for Students and Staff in Student Preview

A student may experience some formatting issues where some of the top screen overlaps the the content and navigation area. This only occurs when no Grade Centre columns are visible to the student.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release 

Grade Centre horizontal scrollbar not visible in Firefox on a Mac

The horizontal scroll bar in Grade Centre does not show when using Firefox on a Macintosh computer, which means it is impossible to see columns that are to the right of those displayed. This issue is being addressed by Blackboard – in the meantime use another browser such as Safari.

Please report new cases to the DIT Service Desk


Groups in a Group Set visible to students under the sign-up page, even if the individual Group is made unavailable/hidden.

Instructors/Leaders are not able to control which Groups within a Group Set a Student/Participant is able to enrol into. The settings allow each Group within a Group Set to have its visibility set to yes or no, but this does not stop the Students/Participants from being presented with the option to self-enrol in the Groups that are set to "not visible".

When a Student/Participant does self-enrol in a Group that is set to "not visible", a message is displayed that states: Success: You have successfully enrolled in the group. The group space is currently unavailable.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release  

Cannot Sort the List of Users in the Membership Section when Editing a Group

It is not possible to sort the table of user information shown in the Membership section when editing a group in a site.

If attempted, this may result in an error.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release

Internet Browsers

Issues with video playback

Staff and Students may experience issues when playing videos from Interact2 sites, for example, videos that do not play, are not of a recognised format, or may present peculiar behaviour, such as auto-playing.

These issues tend to be due to the Internet Browser an end-user is using, due to the various proprietary video formats, not all browsers and their respective browser versions will support all video formats.

If a staff member is experiencing these issues for their cohorts, the recommendation if embedding the video is to embed from YouTube, or CSU Replay. These services will provide a video format compatible with the end-users browser. If you need assistance in this process, a request can be submitted using the DLT Service Request System.

Providing a link to a video file contained in the Content Collection, or DOMS may also provide an alternative solution, an end-user can then download the video file and play using their computers media player.

Cannot access website from a Link contained in Word

You may occasionally have an issue where clicking on a hyperlink in Word does not open a website or provides you with an error.

This would occur on some authenticated websites where Word is attempting to make the connection independently of any Internet Browser. It fails as it has no means to authenticate on its own.

Links to Interact2 are not be affected by this, as the system will adequately handle this. However, links to external resources from Word may experience this issue.

Workaround: Save, and share the document as PDF

Internet Explorer and Media Player Authentication Prompt

If you are using Internet Explorer and the Media Player plugin to access audio/visual resources, you may be prompted to log in. Media Player is trying to access the resource independently from outside of Interact2 and will not be able to authenticate. If you wish to use Internet Explorer to access these resources, you may want to consider another plug-in such as QuickTime.

WMV Files Uploaded via Firefox and Chrome Default to Play in QuickTime

Uploading a WMV file to an Interact2 content area via Build Content > Video using Firefox or Chrome will result in that file attempting to play in QuickTime, which will not work on a browser with a default install of QuickTime. There will be a QuickTime logo displayed (a 'Q' with a question mark) and the file will not play. To avoid this issue, upload the WMV as a file (Build Content > File) and select to open it in a new window.

Status: Known to Blackboard, no planned fix.

Display problems using Internet Explorer

Please ensure that you are using a compatible version of Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer may have issues displaying the content of Interact2, with such symptoms as:

  • The layout of the header and tabs been jumbled or unaligned
  • Javascript errors may be visible
  • Dashboard modules indicate that they are temporarily unavailable

This issue will occur if Internet Explorer is viewing Interact2 using Compatibility View. This issue may be more prevalent on CSU computers used by staff and students where the Compatibility View is enabled by default.


  • Use an alternative Browser such as Firefox, or Chrome
  • Turn off the Compatibility View for Interact2 (if permissions allow for this)
    1. Enter Internet Explorer 'Tools'
    2. Enter 'Compatibility View Settings'
    3. Remove Interact2 from the compatibility view listing
    4. For CSU computers: Un-tick the 'Display intranet sites in Compatibility View' checkbox
    5. Click 'Close'
Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release

Problems occurring after copying from Web Outlook

Issues are arising when the material has been copied from Web Outlook into Interact2 content pages. Such material includes URLs and images, which may result in errors relating to accessing a mailbox, or by prompting the user to log into

To avoid this issue, you will need to refrain from copying content from Web Outlook into Interact2. If you are currently experiencing this issue, you will need to contact your Educational Designer to help repair the content links.

Java & Chat

These Java-based tools are no longer available in Interact2 (Blackboard):

  • Multiple File Uploads
  • Virtual Classroom Tools (Virtual Classroom and Chat)

Look and Feel (Theme)

Issues for the new look and feel for Interact2 can be found using the following link:

Common Formatting Issues and Quick Fixes

If you need further assistance, a request can be submitted using the DLT Service Request System.

Mobile Devices

Hiding sites in the mobile app will remove the site name on the Dashboard

When hiding Subject, Course, or Organisation sites in the mobile app, it will also impact your site listing when viewing using your web browser. The Subject, Course, or Organisation site name will be hidden from your site listing; only the Site ID will be displayed, e.g. S-ITC105_201890_W_D.

'Blackboard' and 'Blackboard Instructor' does not remember passwords

The mobile applications 'Blackboard', and 'Blackboard Instructor' will not remember your password, and you will need to log into the application each time you need to use it.

This process is unavoidable as we use institutional-wide authentication that allows you to use your CSU username and password to log into the application. This method prevents the ability for the application to remember your username and password.

Additional Known Issues for 'Blackboard'

Further Known Issues for the 'Blackboard' mobile app.

Self and Peer Assessments

Users receive an 'Access Denied' message when trying to open a file submitted through a Self and Peer Assessment submission

A user may receive an 'Access Denied' message when trying to open a file from a Self and Peer Assessment submission.

This issue will occur if a file has been inserted using the content editor 'Insert File' menu option when the assessment question was answered.

To avoid this from occurring, use the 'Attach file' option located below the content editor.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release

Unable to replace an attached file on a Self and Peer Assessment

A student who has submitted a Self and Peer Assessment with an attachment will experience difficulty in replacing this attachment after submission.

The following steps can be used if a student wishes to replace the attached file before the due date. Once the due date has passed, it will not be possible to make any modifications to the assessment submission.

  1. Enter the assessment submission
  2. On the existing attachment, click 'Mark for removal'
  3. Click 'Submit'
  4. Re-enter the assessment submission
  5. Attach the replacement file
  6. Click 'Submit'
Status: Known to Blackboard, no planned fix.

Site Management and Global Navigation

Avatars are not available

Avatars for the learning environment will not be available until the product meets the universities requirements.

Unable to open the Global Navigation menu

Please review this Known Issue.

Subject Site is becoming an Organisation Site upon Import

There have been a few reported instances where exporting from an Organisation Site, into a Subject Site, has caused the Subject Site to be converted into an Organisation Site.

The subject will no longer appear in the 'My Courses' module on the Dashboard; instead, it will appear in the Organisations listing.

It should be noted, that this will not occur every time an import is conducted from an organisation site into a subject site, the issue is intermittent.

Occurrences of this issue are being monitored and will be fixed; If urgent attention is required, please submit a DIT Service Desk request.

Status: Expected to be fixed in the January upgrade

Error occurs when accessing an Interact2 link outside of Interact2

It is assumed that the resource exists and that the user has permission to view it within Interact2.

Using a link (URL) to access a resource contained within Interact2 may result in an error. This error may occur if a user is not logged into Interact2, or if the user's browser session has since expired.

In most cases, Interact2 will redirect a user to log into the system, before providing the resource. There are instances where links to certain areas on the system will not redirect a user to login first.

In these instances, there are two available workarounds:

  1. Log into Interact2, and then re-try the provided link, or
  2. If a link is created and distributed, it would be best to use the deepLINKER tool to generate the link*.

*The generated link (URL) will direct the user to first log into the system, before providing the resource.

Contact Tool does not show the Office Hours

If 'Office Hours' have been saved for a Contact in the Contact Tool and these hours are not visible to the users, please ensure that there is information saved for the Office Location. The Office Hours will only appear if there is an Office Location present.

Organisation creation: check Content Collection folder before commencing any activity

Blackboard needs time to complete some work in the background immediately after an organisation has been created – this may take a minute or two. Before commencing any activity in the organisation, such as importing content from Interact, check the Content Collection tab to make sure that the folder for the new organisation exists.

Why can't I see all my available course and/or subject sites on the dashboard?

Staff who have a membership of more than 99 sites within Interact2 will have their list of course sites truncated and will not see all their available sites within the My Courses module on the dashboard. In this case, clicking on the More Courses link at the bottom of the My Courses module on the I2 dashboard will reveal the remaining sites.

Timestamp is Australian Eastern Time; user cannot change time zone

Blackboard uses the abbreviation EST for Australian Eastern Standard Time (ie UTC+10), which is also a recognised abbreviation for North American Eastern Standard Time (UTC -05). This cannot be changed universally by CSU to AEST, nor are users able to change the time zone to suit their local time. All times that are shown within Interact2 tools (for example, in announcements) are the time of the Blackboard server in Sydney.

Subject Outlines (MSI)

Known issues for the MSI System (Subject Outline Tool) can be found using the following link:

Known Issues for Subject Outlines.

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Test performance diminished when using a large number of written response questions

When having a large number of written response questions on a single page (i.e. Short and Essay questions), the test performance can diminish causing such issues as the test to load slowly, staggered scrolling, auto-save and spell-checker are slow to trigger, and the cursor may jump to different locations in the text area.

There could be multiple factors that contribute to performance issues (and the introduction to peculiar behaviour), such as the users' computer speed, internet speed, browser plug-ins, the number of written questions on a single page, server load (monitored), and if a test is proctored online.

It is recommended that if an online test or examination is to have a large number of written response questions (20+), that the test options are changed to provide the questions one-at-a-time. Listing written questions one-at-a-time would also provide better readability for the Student, and would allow better focus on each tasked question.

If a test or examination has mixed question types such as written response and multiple choice, instead of listing the multiple choice questions individually, it may be worth separating the assessment into parts. For example, Part A is multiple choice questions, and are all listed on one page; Part B is written answers, and are displayed one-at-a-time.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release

Students get kicked out of Tests

Please be advised that this entry is not related to a system issue, but instead, is to highlight the general cause of these occurrences.

An elevated number of instances will be reported whenever the 'Force Completion' option is used from the test options. This option will force the test participant to complete the test in one sitting. Working as designed; If a test participant leaves the test area for any reason, the test attempt will end, and they will not be able to resume their test.

If exiting via the browser, a warning will be presented to the participant confirming their intention to leave or reload the test.

Incidences may occur when a participant: closes their browser, navigates away from the test, refreshes/reloads the test page, experiences a computer crash, experiences Internet (inc. Wi-Fi ®) issues, etc.


  • Avoid using Force Completion where possible. Then, if a participant experiences issues, they will be able to re-enter the test and resume.
  • Ensure that a test-run is conducted of the assessment when deploying (Student Preview can be used). This is to ensure that there are no issues in the test that may encourage a participant to reload/refresh the test page.

It will be at the Subject Coordinators discretion whether, or not, the participant is allowed to re-take the assessment.

'Assessment Changed Since the Attempt was Started' message is displayed while a student is taking a test.

In rare circumstances, during a test, a student may receive a message 'Assessment Changed Since the Attempt was Started'.

If the message occurs at the end of the assessment task, and the student has completed all questions, then there will not be an issue.

If this occurs while the student is undertaking the assessment task, the student will not be able to continue with the assessment. The only workaround available is for the Instructor to clear the attempt and allow the student to re-take the test.

Status: Expected to be fixed in the January upgrade

Word Wrapping not Working Correctly when Viewing Student Test Submission

Word wrapping is not functioning correctly when viewing test submission of students. The words are cut off and continue in the next line.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release


Content lost when editing a Wiki

If a user enters 100,000 or more characters into a Wiki page, the content will be lost upon saving.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release  

First Users Edits in a Wiki are Lost if Second User Also Tries to Edit Wiki at the Same Time

When editing a Wiki, if one user begins work; that user is only allowed 120 seconds before another user can come in to edit the content. Once the second user is allowed to edit, the first user's work is viewable as read-only and will be lost upon saving.

Status: Expected to be fixed in a future release

Recently Resolved Issues

Links to External Providers do not Launch from User Acknowledgement Page in Firefox

Users may experience issues when using Firefox to launch the integrated tools of individual educational providers such as Smart Sparrow, Cengage, and Your Tutor.

The symptoms may present you with a 'The LTI Link has been launched' message, but nothing opens.

The workaround at this stage is to use Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Status: Expected to be fixed in the January upgrade

Cannot open downloaded Test/Survey results when using Internet Explorer, or Chrome

Downloading results from Grade Centre using IE or Chrome may download a file with an incorrect, or missing file extension. Please be advised that file data is intact, the issue is that the computer will not know how to interpret the file.

This can be resolved by editing the full filename, to include the appropriate file extension. For CSV downloads, the filename should end with a ".csv", for TAB downloads, the filename should end with a

Status: Expected to be fixed in the January upgrade