Leave of absence

If you need time to deal with things at home, need to work full-time, are starting a family or simply want a break from your studies then you should consider applying for a leave of absence.

You may apply for a maximum of four sessions leave of absence in a four-year period.

When to apply

The final date to lodge your application for leave is 12am (midnight) on the census date for the relevant session.

A leave of absence covers one session or term only. You need to submit a separate leave request for each compulsory session you want to take leave for.


If you've commenced your study and are not in your first session, and you need to take a break, you may be eligible to apply for a leave of absence.

First session students

If you’re a new student and unable to start your studies, you’re not able to take a leave of absence, you’ll need to defer.

Year-long subjects

If you're only enrolled in a year-long subject and wish to apply for leave, you’ll need to submit your request in writing to your faculty for approval. Please contact your faculty, or email Student Central.

International students

If you’re an international student, you'll need to read and submit a Leave of Absence (Temporary Visa holders) form. You will need to provide evidence for your request (e.g. a medical certificate or a statutory declaration). Until your leave of absence is approved you must continue your studies.

For more information, read about Leave of Absence in the Enrolment and Fees Policy.

If your request is approved

If your application does not exceed the maximum time allowed, it will generally be automatically approved.

If Leave of Absence is approved, your enrolment for that session will be deleted and replaced with a leave of absence. You should allow 21 days for processing and then check your online transcript for confirmation.

Excess leave

We understand that extenuating circumstances can occur. If you need to apply for additional leave, you must meet the requirements stated in the Enrolment and Fees Procedure.

Apply for a leave of absence that exceeds the maximum leave allowance