Thinking of cancelling your enrolment

We understand there can be lots of pressures outside of university that can mount up.

Options you have instead of cancelling

Click on the support options below to find more or click on the chat button below to speak to one of our team. If you have any more questions about your options, contact Student Central.

We can help you fit your study around your work or family commitments.

Have a look at:

  1. Our time management worksheets to plan your study week and session,
  2. Changing your enrolment by deleting one or more subjects or take a break with a leave of absence for a session, or
  3. Apply for special consideration to withdraw from a subject, take longer to complete assessments or sit exams in the next session.

Change your enrolment

Apply for special consideration

We know there’s a range of personal concerns that can take your mind off of study.

You have a few options for help:

  1. Register with Accessibility and Inclusion support services so we can help you with advice, a personalised study access plan and access to resources,
  2. Change your enrolment by deleting one or more subjects or take a break with a leave of absence for a session, or
  3. Apply for special consideration to withdraw from a subject, take longer to complete assessments or sit exams in the next session.

Change your enrolment

Apply for special consideration

There are a range of financial supports available to help you with the costs of studying and managing your money.

Scholarships and grants

Financial help and loans

Sometimes plans go a different way, industries change or you change your mind. Think about if you can apply to transfer to another course at Charles Sturt.

Charles Sturt courses

Transfer to another course

Get advice

Before you transfer courses, book an appointment with one of our career counsellors. You can book an appointment to discuss course indecision or career planning. You can also access programs, assessments, advice and tools in Your Career Portal.

Book an appointment

Build your skills and knowledge with short preparation courses through Study Link.

Or you can develop your study skills for referencing, academic writing, learning, maths, literacy and more. We do this through our online workshops, appointments, assignment feedback, study guides and lots more.

Study Link courses

Develop your study skills

The university offers a range of Awards;

  • Certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Bachelors
  • Honours
  • Masters
  • Doctorates

Before you decide to cancel your studies we recommend that you check if you're eligible to graduate with a lower level award.

For example if you're enrolled in a Bachelor degree, you may be eligible to graduate sooner with a Certificate or Diploma.

Seek the advice of your Course Coordinator or Course Director to check if you're eligible. They might also be able to suggest some alternatives, for example;

  • you might only need to complete two subjects to graduate with a lower award.
  • or you might be able to transfer credit to another course.

More about Graduate with a Lower Award

You may apply for a maximum of four sessions leave of absence in a four year period. See the eligibility requirements and more information about this option.

More about leave of absence

What you need to be aware of when you cancel

  • Cancelling your enrolment means you will need to reapply for entry back into your course and Charles Sturt University.
  • If you're in the first session of your course and it's before census date, you can hold your place in your course by deferring your offer.
  • If it's after your first session, you can apply for a leave of absence to keep your place in your course until you are confident you won’t want to return later.

What you have to do to cancel

You can cancel your enrolment with an easy online form in the same place where you change your enrolment. Follow the prompts in the form and complete the exit survey at the end. Then we will process your request.

Checklist to leave Charles Sturt University when you cancel

Step 1

Cancel your subjects

BEFORE census date

We’ll remove your subject/s from your transcript and finalise your cancellation.

You will not have to pay HECS or any fees for your subject/s if you cancel your enrolment before census date.

AFTER census date

If you cancel your enrolment after the session census date, we will still process your request to cancel. We will award final grades for your subject/s at the end of the session.

You will still be liable to pay HECS or fees for subject/s if you cancel your enrolment after census date.

  1. Complete the subject/s you’re currently studying,
  2. Accept a fail or failed withdrawn grade from your subject/s if you’re aren’t going to complete them, or
  3. Apply for Special Consideration to get late withdrawals or approved withdrawals from your subjects if you have suffered from illness, misadventure or extenuating circumstances.

Late or approved withdrawals do not qualify you for a refund of your fees. You will need to submit an Application for Reimbursement separately from a Special Consideration application. We can’t accept an Application for Reimbursement until you finalise your subject grades.

Step 2

Pay any outstanding fees

Check your financial balances with us and pay any outstanding fees. We cannot process your request to cancel until you pay all outstanding fees.

Step 3

Get a transcript of your completed subjects

You can order a transcript to get a record of your completed subjects for any future studies or job applications.

If cancelling

  • BEFORE census date: order a transcript when you cancel your enrolment to get a record of your completed subjects.
  • AFTER census date: wait until your final grades are released and then order a transcript of your completed subjects.
Step 4

Return any library books you’ve borrowed

Check your Library record and return any library books you’ve borrowed. Not returning books you’ve borrowed may result in fines to replace the books.

Step 5

Cancel your on campus or intensive school accommodation

Email us to cancel your accommodation. Include in the subject line ‘Accommodation cancellation’. Include in the email your full name and student ID number.

See the on campus accommodation fees or intensive school accommodation fees for more information.

Step 6

Other things you need to check

  • If you receive Government income support, check your continued eligibility with Centrelink
  • If you receive a CSU scholarship, contact Student Central to see whether you are still eligible to receive your scholarship.