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An Intensive School fills the gaps in your online learning and improves your practical skills and confidence.

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Each course has specialised requirements. Find out if you need to do an Intensive School, and if so, how to get started.


Who has to do Intensive Schools?

Some degrees have compulsory requirements. To check your requirements, refer to your University Handbook. Make sure you follow the handbook from the year you started your studies.

It will tell you whether they are compulsory or non-compulsory.

  • Compulsory intensive schools - you must attend unless you have a compelling reason for exemption. You must apply for special consideration to be given an exemption from attending.
  • Non-compulsory intensive schools - attendance is optional but recommended.

When is your Intensive School delivered?

Intensive School requirements are generally completed as part of your subjects. Check your subject outline for more information.

Look up the exact dates for each subject


Where will your Intensive School take place?

Most intensive schools are delivered on campus, but there are some that are delivered online.

You may need to travel. It's important to plan ahead and budget for travel, accommodation and time off work if needed.

It’s never too early to start budgeting!

Our budgeting tips


Find specific details for each Intensive School

When you enrol in your subject you will be provided with further details of your intensive school requirements in your subject outline. This should be available through your student portal about 2 weeks before your subject starts. You can also check your Learning Management System (Brightspace or Interact2) subject sites for more specific intensive school information.

To get an idea of your future requirements, have a look at past subject outlines. But keep in mind that these can change from session to session.

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Start preparing

Even if you don’t have an intensive school this session, there are things you might need to get started on now.

Avoid getting caught out and start preparing now.

Five steps to plan your attendance

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