Prepare and attending your Intensive School

5 steps to plan your attendance

Step 1

Confirm your Intensive School

When you enrol in a subject with an intensive school you will be automatically registered as an attendee. You may have an option of choosing a particular intensive school within the same period. Your subject coordinator will be able to provide more details.

Step 2

Organise your accommodation

You'll be able to apply for accommodation 6 weeks before your intensive school starts. On-campus accommodation options vary from campus to campus and are limited so get in and book as early as you can.

Browse rooms

Step 3

Order your Charles Sturt Card

You'll need a student card to access some facilities such as the library and various buildings. Some transport providers will also give discounts when you show your student card. Apply for your student card now so that it can be sent to you before you leave for your intensive school.

Step 4

Plan your transport

There are various options to get to campus and get around once you arrive.


Step 5

Create a budget and start saving

You'll need to plan ahead to meet the costs of travel, accommodation and other factors associated with time away from home.

If you're eligible, you can apply for an Intensive School Grant or receive travel subsidies for your intensive school attendance.

Help with budgeting

When you're on campus

It's time to find your way around campus. We have a list of the top places you might want to visit during your visit.

What's happening on campus

Join social events and meet other intensive school students while you're on campus.