Subject enrolment

COVID-19 and your enrolment: All Session 3 subjects will be delivered online due to continued social distancing requirements. Find out more about COVID-19 and your studies.

As part of studying at Charles Sturt, you get to choose what subjects and how many subjects to study in each session.

Make sure you’re enrolled in subjects in Session 1 and 2 every year. For some courses, it’s also compulsory to enrol in Session 3.

How to enrol

You'll need to check your current enrolment and choose your subjects.

Types of subjects

You can enrol in many types of subjects, depending on your course.

Find your key subjects

Key subjects are the required knowledge and/or skills for your course.

Session 3 course enrolment

For some of our courses, studying in Session 3 is compulsory.


The Charles Sturt University Handbook is the official reference for courses their subjects. Select your year and course and see the subjects listing.

Subject prerequisite waiver request

You can use this form if you're unable to enrol in a subject because prerequisite study requirements have not been met.

Graduate Learning Outcomes

Find our how your course will prepare you with qualities that we associate with university graduates.

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