Leave of absence

If you need time to deal with things at home, need to work full-time, are starting a family or simply want a break from your studies then you should consider applying for a leave of absence.

You may apply for a maximum of four sessions leave of absence in a four year period.

You cannot apply for a leave of absence in your first session of enrolment. If you are unable to start your studies you must apply to defer.

Leave of absence is not available if you are enrolled in Single Subject Study or Cross Institutional Study programs.

Read the about Leave of Absence in Section 14 Enrolment Policy

If you need to return home temporarily or place your study on hold due to, for example, illness you will need to apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA).

  • You will need to provide evidence for your request (e.g. a medical certificate or a statutory declaration). Until your leave of absence is approved you must continue your studies.

You must complete your course by the end date on your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (COE).

How to apply for a leave of absence

Submit your application for leave using Student Admin Online.

If your application does not exceed the maximum time allowed, it will generally be automatically approved.

When to apply by

The final date to lodge your application for leave is 12pm - midnight on the census date for the relevant session.

  • Leave of Absence are only approved in exceptional circumstances or as part of an approved intervention plan
  • As you do not have to enrol in Session 3 (November to March), you do not have to apply for leave in Session 3.

If your leave request is approved

If Leave of Absence is approved, your enrolment for that session will be deleted and replaced with Leave of Absence. You should allow 21 days for processing and then check your online transcript for confirmation.

Help and advice

For assistance with your application or questions, contact Student Central.

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