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Due Date


Due date must be selected from the date picker
‘Variable date’ checkbox must be selected

It is important to consider whether you need to include an early low-stakes assessment task in your subject. The Assessment Principles Policy suggests that wherever possible, early low-stakes assessment tasks will be provided in first year undergraduate subjects within the first four weeks. You should set the due date for these tasks before Week 4-5 (Census date) so there is plenty of time to provide feedback to students on their progress and achievement, and to identify those students in need of extra support. This page on designing first year assessment may help you. This page on early low stakes assessment can also guide your thinking about early tasks.

Variable date should be selected for an ongoing assessment item such as laboratory reports, tutorial presentations or forum participation. Variable dates must then be described within the task section of the assessment, e.g. during your Week 8 tutorial, once a week, etc.

Due date outside the subject offering teaching session

For example, an approved session date variation or a year-long / multi session subject
In some circumstances, a due date outside the offering teaching session will need to be selected. In this case, upon entering the date you will be prompted to confirm your due date selection. If indeed you had intended to select a date outside of the teaching session for the offering, simply confirm to keep your selection. If not, return to the date picker to change the date. A decision to keep a due date outside of session will be added to the History Log.

Due date within the last week of teaching

That is, within the week prior to the session’s final examination period
As per Section 3 of the Examination Administration Policy, in subjects with a final examination, Subject Convenors may not schedule an examination or assessment worth 20% or more during the week prior to the formal examination period (except with approval of the Executive Dean or their delegate). In addition, Section 13 (111) of the Assessment Policy - Coursework Subjects states that where an assessment is directly relevant to an examination, assessments that have been submitted by the due date shall normally be returned to students at least one week before the examination is held.

Upon entering a date within the last week of teaching, you will be prompted you to either confirm your due date selection; indicate there is no final exam; or return to the date picker to change the date. A decision to keep a Due date within the last week of teaching; or an indication that there is no final exam; will be added to the History Log.