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Multi Session Subjects

For multi session subjects (MSS), an Outline must be published every time a new cohort commences the subject. The Outline for the cohort’s ‘start session’ must provide all subject information and assessment items the entire MSS. Offerings for an MSS that do not have a commencing cohort will not appear in the SOT. See Offering types excluded from the SOT.

An MSS is defined as 1 subject that is taught over >1 session. A 2-session ‘year-long subject’ is an example of an MSS; however, some MSS are taught over >2 sessions. The SAL+ shows a Duration of >1 for an MSS. The ‘Manage MSS’ pop up provides detail of the offering’s Teaching and Intake Patterns; as well as the path that each cohort takes through the offering. That path is tracked using a unique Cohort ID (aka Teaching Cohort Identifier [TCID]).

SAL+ details are replicated in the SOT for clarity as to which cohort the Outline is intended and which sessions the cohort will enrol in to complete the subject.

The MSS Cohort ID and start/end sessions are displayed atop the Outline

Click ‘Show more details’ to pop up further Multi Session Subject details.
In this example, a new cohort commences each 30 and 60 session (Intake Pattern); and
each cohort will be taught in both 30 and 60 sessions (Teaching Pattern)
for 8 to 12 sessions (Duration – Maximum Duration).