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Consultation Procedures


Non-compliant if left null.

Cloned Outlines

Information provided in the Outline that was cloned from can be edited as appropriate in the clone.

New Outlines

Editable Autotext which can be edited or overwritten as appropriate:

Your subject coordinator will be available for consultation. You will be informed of the consultation procedures via your Interact2 subject site; as well as the names, contact details and consultation procedures for any other staff teaching the subject.

Please include the Subject Coordinator's preferred mode of consultation. Address the student directly in your writing and ensure the overall tone is professional, but friendly and approachable. Do not make statements about being difficult to contact.

An example of typical wording might be:
Email is the best way to contact me. Please send a brief message regarding the issue and include the subject name and code in your email. It really helps to know which class you belong to before I respond to your query. If you prefer to phone me that is fine, but please leave a message if I am not there at the time - I will give you a call back as soon as I can.

Click Autotext Refresh on the section menu to view and refresh the section with the current effective Editable Autotext. The Clone Autotext Refresh Prompt incorporates Autotext Refresh into the clone process - therefore some Authors may have already refreshed Autotext sections upon Outline creation.