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To Be Advised

In situations where the person in the Subject Coordinator role is preparing the Outline for an incoming Subject Coordinator, a 'To be Advised' checkbox is available on the Subject Coordinator grouping. The Outline will pass the Compliance Check with a 'To be Advised' Subject Coordinator and it is able to be published to students.

Once the incoming Subject Coordinator is placed into ACSES, a Published Outline must be varied so a Data Refresh can be performed to pull in the new Subject Coordinator's name and contact details.

Click 'Run Data Refresh' in the Tools & Setting menu to refresh the Outline after either ticking or un-ticking the 'To be Advised' option.

If only QA exempt sections are edited and/or refreshed during a variation, the Outline can be submitted for Publication by an Author without requiring the Head of School to QA the variations.