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Workplace Learning


Can be authored if appropriate. If left null, it will pass the Compliance Check and drop out of the web and PDF versions for students.

Workplace Learning - Editable Autotext

From 201960, Editable Autotext is available for subjects tagged in CASIMS as Workplace Learning (WPL). See WPL Autotexts.

Outlines created from new will contain the current effective WPL Editable Autotext that can be edited as necessary.

Cloned Outlines will include content from the Outline it was cloned from. It can be edited as appropriate; or click Autotext Refresh on the section menu to view and refresh the section with the current effective Editable Autotext whenever the Outline is in an editable state. The Clone Autotext Refresh Prompt incorporates Autotext Refresh into the clone process - so some Authors may have already refreshed Autotext sections upon Outline creation.

If the CASIMS WPL tag is applied or removed after an Outline has been created, the Outline must be deleted and re-created for the WPL Editable Autotext to be included/excluded in the template. Enquire with your Faculty Subjects Team with respect to the requisite process for administering the CASIMS WPL tag.

Run a Data Refresh on an Outline to draw in data that has been amended at its source, e.g. SC Profile, CASIMS, Alesco, Communications Directory, etc.