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Data Refresh

A ‘Data Refresh’ is a process which updates an Outline with current and effective subject data, SC Profile information and Fixed Autotext. Learn more about section types: Templates

If data, the SC Profile or Fixed Autotext are amended after the Outline has been created, a Data Refresh is required to draw in the changes. Authors and QA Officers with edit permissions must click ‘Run Data Refresh’ in the Outline’s ‘Tools & Settings’ left hand menu. It can be manually run while the Outline is in an editable state. A Data Refresh will also automatically run when the Outline is submitted for QA, revision or publication.

For both a manual and auto-run Data Refresh, the results of the process display in a pop up for your information; and are recorded in the History Log for later reference.

The example below depicts the ‘before and after’ for refreshing an Outline with new information from the Subject Coordinator’s SC Profile. That is, the data must be maintained in the source system; a Data Refresh run on the Outline; results display in a pop up; the pop up must be closed; then you can check if the data displays in the Outline as expected. The same steps apply to refreshing new/amended data from any other source, e.g. CASIMS, Alesco, Communications Directory, etc.