Trailblazer Academy

The AI and Cyber Futures Institute offers a variety of masterclasses of knowledge bites for executive students through its Trailblazer Tech Academy.

This initiative addresses the increasing demand for accessible, flexible, and relevant lifelong learning opportunities suited to active professionals. Our knowledge bites provide micro-sized, modular learning, enabling professionals to quickly gain specific skills and knowledge directly applicable to their career goals.

Our Masterclasses

The AICF Institute is happy to announce its first batch of three (3) Masterclasses. The knowledge bites are designed to be relevant and applicable to your career needs. Further, a series of wide-ranging subjects are in development.

Behavioural data science and human-data interaction

Delves into Behavioural Data Science – merging knowledge from diverse disciplines with big data to model and predict human behaviour. Students gain a holistic understanding of ethical human behaviour prediction.

Enroll now for: 18th - 24th January 2024

Transformative cybersecurity mindset

Introduces cybersecurity fundamentals with a human-cyber focus. It integrates cybersecurity, behavioural science, and AI research to provide practical insights for addressing vulnerabilities. Students gain expertise in navigating today's digital threats.

Available: Early 2024

Algorithms and emerging technologies

Provides an unbiased view of ML/AI advances with emphasis on their role in business. Students learn data-driven decision-making with mental models and machine learning to address real-world problems.

Express Interest for: 29th January - 2nd February 2024

Our Instructors