Student Representative Committees

Student Representative Committees (SRCs) provide support, feedback and inform decision makers in the University of your requirements and expectations.

Role of the SRCs

The SRCs:

  • promote networking opportunities for all students at Charles Sturt University
  • raise student ideas and issues with university decision makers
  • work towards creating a better study environment
  • organise student events
  • work on projects to improve student life
  • debate ideas in their student bodies.

If you're a Student Representative you will need to complete Student Leadership training.

SRC 2021/22 elections

Thanks to everyone who nominated to join the SRCs!

Voting has now closed. Successful candidates for all SRCs will be announced Friday 27 August 2021.

Get involved

The SRC nominations occur annually and open in week 2 of Session 2. Nominations are open for 2 weeks.

SRC members are elected for a 2 year term. Each SRC will have a different number of vacancies available.

If nominations received exceed the number of vacancies, we hold an online election. If we do not exceed vacancies then nominees will be elected unopposed to the SRC.

We welcome expressions of interest during the year to fill casual vacancies in SRC's which have existing positions to fill.

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