Intensive Schools

Intensive (Residential) Schools give students the chance to attend intensive classes and activities for brief periods of time.

These schools can be online or on-campus. They offer face-to-face or virtual lectures, tutorials and practicals to give you a deeper understanding of your subject content to help develop essential professional skills. You'll also get to know your academic staff and peers and make use of a range of facilities.

Intensive School Periods

Intensive School dates for the following year are released annually in September and are usually run in the university breaks over the periods below.

2022 24 Jan - 4 Feb 2022 4 Apr - 14 Apr 2022 20 Jun - 8 Jul 2022 22 Aug - 2 Sep 2022

Check here for specific dates for 2022/2023 intensive schools for your upcoming subjects

Subjects with Intensive Schools

Before you enrol in a subject you can check in the university Handbook whether it has intensive school requirements. It will tell you whether they are compulsory or non-compulsory. Most intensive schools are delivered on campus, but there are some that are delivered online.

  • Compulsory intensive schools - you must attend unless you have a compelling reason for exemption. You must apply for special consideration to be given an exemption from attending.
  • Non-compulsory intensive schools - attendance is optional.

When you enrol in your subject you will be provided with further details of your intensive school requirements in your subject outline. This should be available through your student portal about 2 weeks prior to the start of your subject. You can also check your Interact2 subject sites for more specific intensive school information.

Planning your attendance

Planning ahead is essential to your intensive school success. There are a few key things to organise.

  • Intensive School confirmation – When you enrol in a subject with an intensive school you will be automatically registered as an attendee. You may have an option of choosing a particular intensive school within the same period. Your subject coordinator will be able to provide more details about that.
  • Accommodation - You will be able to apply for accommodations 6 weeks prior to your intensive school start date. On campus accommodation options vary from campus to campus and is limited so get in and book as early as you can.
  • Student Card – You will need a student card to access some facilities such as the library and some buildings. Some transport providers will also give discounts on sighting your student card. Apply for your student card now so that it can be sent to you before you leave for your intensive school.
  • Transport – There are various options to get to campus as well as how to get around once you arrive
  • Budgeting – Did you know you can apply for a Intensive School Grant or receive travel subsidies for your intensive school attendance?

When you're on campus

It's time to find your way around campus. We have a list of the top places you might want to visit during your visit.

What's happening on campus

Join social events and meet other intensive school students while you're on campus.

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