How to enrol

Ready to enrol? Get ready for the start of the session by adding your subjects early.

Step 1

Check your current enrolment

Check your current subjects and course details are correct in Online Administration.

Step 2

Choose your subjects

Choose subjects for the full academic year, including both Session 1 and Session 2. If your course has compulsory Session 3 enrolment, make sure you choose subjects for this session too.

  • View what subjects you have left to study and what sessions and subjects are available in your Handbook. Remember it's important you follow the Handbook from the year you commenced your course. Your Graduation Planning System can also help you to see what subjects you’ve completed and what you have remaining in your course.
  • Check when subjects are available in the Subject availability list.
  • If you’re interested in a subject that has prerequisites and you believe you have met these requirements, you can request for a Waiver of Prerequisites on the My Form Requests page of the Student Portal.
  • Contact your Course Director if you need more help choosing your subjects.

Step 3

Add or delete subjects

Before census date

You can add or delete subjects until census date.

  • Go to Add/delete subjects.
  • Select the appropriate session tab to add/delete subjects.
  • Enter a subject code and click 'Add Subject'.
  • Delete subjects you no longer wish to study. The change is automatic.

Post census date

You can request to change your subjects post census date. Keep in mind someone will need to review and approve your request.

Common questions

  • For International students

    You can add and delete on-campus subjects via Online Admin up until the first Sunday of the session.

    You will not be able to add enrolment for an online subject. You'll need to submit a Request to enrol in an online subject to add online subjects to your enrolment. Your request will only be approved if it complies with your student visa conditions.

    After the first Sunday of the session and before the census date, to:

    You'll be unable to delete subjects after census date. If you've suffered illness, misadventure, or extenuating circumstances you need to complete a Special Consideration form to apply to withdraw from a subject after the census date (AW grade).

  • Take a break from your study

    You can apply for a leave of absence from a session of study.

  • How many subjects to add

    If you’re studying an undergraduate course and would like to finish in the set completion time in your course Handbook, enrol in:

    • full time: 4 subjects
    • part time: 2 subjects.

    Some postgraduate courses may have other study load requirements, so check your Handbook.

    If you are a Commonwealth assisted student, keep in mind that you can only use Commonwealth assistance for up to 2.0 EFTSL (i.e. two years or less) worth of study per year.

  • Varying your subject load per session

    You can choose to either:

    • Enrol in one subject per session.
    • Study extra subjects per session. You’ll need to get approval from your Course Director to study more than four subjects per session.

    Before you vary your subject load, talk to your course director about and ask how to plan to complete your course.

  • Deadline to add subjects

    You can add subjects online up until the Sunday of the first week of session without approval from the Subject Coordinator. From the second week of session up until census date, you can still add a subject online with approval from the Subject Coordinator. View session and census dates in the Student Calendar.

    After this time, you will need to complete the Late Application to Add a Subject form [PDF]. There is a late fee for adding subjects after census date.

  • Last day to delete a subject

    The last day to delete a subject is census date. View session and census dates in the Student Calendar.

  • Withdraw from a subject after the census date

    To withdraw from a subject after the census date, you will need to apply using the Application for Special Consideration. Complete the form using the section for an Approved Withdrawal (AW).

    Go to Special Consideration for more information on how to apply.

  • Add a short Study Link subject

    You can enrol to study a short Study Link subject to either:

    • make transitioning to university easier
    • improve your skills for writing, mathematics, statistics, science and more.

    Find out more about Study Link subjects and how to enrol.

  • Transfer to a different course

    If you’ve accepted your offer and it’s before your first session starts or you are in your first session of study, you’ll need to complete a new application for admission with the new course you’d like to study.

    Once you’ve completed your first session of study, you can submit a request to change to a different course.

    If you are studying on an International Student Visa (on campus), you will need to submit a new Application for Admission as you cannot transfer courses.

  • Cancel your enrolment

    If you’re thinking of cancelling your enrolment, there is support available to help you with your studies. We can help you with time management, changes in your life or people you care for, study costs and budgeting, developing your study skills and more.

    If you decide to leave, you can cancel your enrolment online. If you’d like to return to your studies at a later date, you can apply to study again.

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