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Actions per Status & Role

Actions are available to each role based on an Outline’s status, version number and the permissions granted to the QAO, HOS and Support HOS roles.

StatusApplicable Role/s*Available Actions
Not Yet Created Authors -  SC + NSC Create
Draft Authors -  SC, NSC + S Edit + Delete
Revision Required Authors - SC, NSC + S Edit + Delete^
Revision Required – Pre-approved QA Authors - SC, NSC + S Edit + Delete^
Variation Authors - SC, NSC + S Edit
Awaiting QA Version 1 QA Officer/s Quality Assure~
Awaiting QA Version ≥2 HOS + Support HOS Quality Assure~
Awaiting Publication Version 1 Authors - SC, NSC + S Update + Delete
Awaiting Publication Version ≥2 N/A N/A
Published Authors - SC, NSC + S Vary
Inactive (any status) Authors - SC, NSC + S Delete

* SC – Subject Coordinator; NSC – Nominal Subject Outline Author; S – Support Author; HOS – Head of School.
^ Can only delete prior to publication of Version 1.
~ Can edit via the QA Outline screen if SC/NSC Author has granted edit permissions. Otherwise, can comment only.

QAO/HOS/Support HOS Edit Permissions

If an Author has granted edit permissions to the QAO/HOS/Support HOS roles, they are able to edit the Outline via the QA Outline screen. Otherwise, they can only comment; complete QA Declarations and apply a QA outcome. Learn more: Roles & Permissions


An Outline remains Version 1 during initial drafting and quality assuring; as well as when any updates are made while awaiting initial publication. Once an Outline is published, the version is incremented each time the Outline is varied. Previous versions can be viewed in PDF via the Outline’s Version History.


The ‘Delete’ action is only available on Outlines that:

  • have never been published. That is, delete remains available until publication of Version 1. Thereafter, Outlines can only be varied.
  • become Inactive after an Outline has been created.  Learn more: SAL Status - Inactive Chip

Set Publication Date

Authors can change the Set Publication Date up until midnight on the day prior to publication of Version 1. Publication will occur soon after 00:00:00AM on the set date. Authors do not have to initiate an update to simply change the publication date.