Joanne Millar

Dr Joanne Millar

Senior Research Fellow, Gulbali Institute

Gulbali Institute


Dr Joanne Millar, has over 30 years experience in the government and university sector, with expertise in action research for natural resource management, agriculture, rural development and conservation management. Her research focuses on understanding landholders, farming families and community engagement processes in order to improve rural livelihoods and environmental management. Research projects have been conducted in regional NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Laos, Indonesia, Bhutan and Timor Leste with government and non-goverment organisations..

  • Livelihood and environmental impacts of international development projects
  • Action research for rural development
  • Property rights and conservation
  • Cultural management of natural resources
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Recent Publications

  • Hunter, C. L., Millar, J., & LML Toribio, J. A. (2022). More than meat: the role of pigs in Timorese culture and the household economy. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, 20(2), 184-198.
  • Phengvilaysouk, A., Colvin, A. F., Olmo, L., Phengsavanh, P., Millar, J., & Walkden-Brown, S. W. (2022). Smallholder goat herd production characteristics and constraints in Lao PDR. The Lao Journal Of Agriculture and Forestry, 46, 3-19.
  • Millar, J., Colvin, A., Phengvilaysouk, A., Phengsavanh, P., Olmo, L., & Walkden-Brown, S. W. (2022). Smallholder goat raising in Lao PDR: is there potential to improve management and productivity? The Lao Journal Of Agriculture and Forestry, 46, 20-34.
  • Tenzing, K., Millar, J., & Black, R. (2021). How property rights influence equity, efficiency and sustainability of high-altitude rangeland management in Bhutan. Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice, 11, 1-13. [7].
  • Namgay, K., Millar, J., & Black, R. (2021). The future of transhumants’ sustainable resource use in Bhutan: Pressures and policies. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 5, 1-13. [618351].