Cultural connection and environmental stewardship

Impactful research that enhances our understanding of country and improves the health and sustainability of our land, water, wildlife and people in a changing environment.

With a strong emphasis on a changing environment, this program conducts influential research that supports the well-being and sustainability of our land and wildlife. We build upon our biodiversity expertise while also fostering an understanding and appreciation of the cultural values associated with Country. Moreover, our explicit focus on climate resilience and adaptation equips us to respond to extreme climatic events and ensure a resilient future.

Program Leader

Professor David Watson's research is focused on four broad areas: connectivity conservation, ecological interactions between parasitic plants and animals, biodiversity survey methods and habitat restoration.

Campus Albury-Wodonga

The Gulbali Research Institute conducts world-class research into biodiversity with a focus on promoting cultural connectivity and environmental stewardship.

Our first nations engagement allows us to understand the importance of country in everything we do. Our research covers a wide range of topics such as environmental stewardship, climate change, and conservation ecology. We work closely with communities to empower and upskill them to mitigate climate change impacts for future generations.

We are dedicated to solving real-world problems today while ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come. Join us in our mission to promote cultural connectivity and environmental stewardship through innovative research and community engagement.

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