Impactful and Innovative Agriculture, Water and Environment Research

At the Gulbali Institute, we are proud to be gifted our name Gulbali ngurambang which translates "to understand country" from the Wiradjuri First Nations as the guiding principle of how we do our work to create impactful agriculture, water and environment research, grounded in Charles Sturt’s footprint across the Murray-Darling Basin, but with impact across Australia and globally.

Research areas

The Gulbali Institute emphasises return on investment to increase productivity for farmers, improve natural environments, and reduce risk in agricultural and environmental management.

Bold, innovative solutions that engage multiple disciplines and actively co-design research with end users will be used to solve core challenges.

Locally made, globally applicable - Charles Sturt uses its footprint across multiple climatic regions as a research test-bed to drive multi- and interdisciplinary research and innovation.

Our researchers

We have a diverse team of passionate researchers from various disciplines and we pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary approaches. We are passionate to see a world where sustainable practices enhance, rather than constrain, productivity, creating a world worth living in.

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We are looking for researchers, students, funding and partners to help take our research to the next level.

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These resources are to support researchers and the greater Gulbali team with their work.