Sustainable aquatic systems

Impactful research that contributes to the long term viability and health of our fragile aquatic systems.

This program is dedicated to conducting impactful research that promotes the long-term viability and health of our delicate aquatic systems. Leveraging our existing expertise in environmental water and fisheries, we collaborate with our water engineering team to identify novel technologies and approaches that enhance water security, improve water quality, and preserve the cultural significance of our surface and groundwater systems.

Key projects

At Charles Sturt University Gulbali Institute, we are committed to making a difference and conducting world-class research into the sustainability of our rivers for future generations.

Our projects focus on maximising fisheries returns for food security, restoring connectivity at a landscape scale, and understanding how to protect and maintain wetland and freshwater communities in a changing world, with a particular focus on species conservation.

We recognise the critical importance of preserving our natural resources and the need for sustainable practices that will ensure the health and well-being of our planet for years to come. We are dedicated to making a positive impact through our research, and we invite you to join us in our efforts to protect our rivers and their ecosystems.

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