Crop and Pasture Science

Crop and Pasture Science journalCrop and Pasture Science is a highly cited and prestigious journal publishing original research on advances in plant sciences, sustainable farming systems, and food quality.

Volume 74 Number 12 2023 issue has 4 articles by Gulbali researchers

Response of canola and cereals to amendment of subsurface soil acidity and a hardpan
Mark K. Conyers, J. Sergio Moroni, Graeme J. Poile, Albert A. Oates, Richard Lowrie, Antony D. Swan, John F. Angus, Mark B. Peoples, Peter Hamblin and John A. Kirkegaard 
Frequency of herbicide resistance in wild oats (Avena spp.), brome grass (Bromus spp.) and barley grass (Hordeum spp.) as determined by random surveys across south-eastern Australia
John C. Broster, Peter Boutsalis, Gurjeet S. Gill and Christopher Preston 
Untangling the complex mix of agronomic and economic uncertainties inherent in decisions on rainfed cotton
Sosheel S. Godfrey, Thomas L. Nordblom, Muhuddin Rajin Anwar , Ryan H. L. Ip, David J. Luckett  and Michael P. Bange 
Fate of fertiliser nitrogen in a ryegrass–kikuyu dairy pasture system
Michael Fitzgerald, Deirdre Harvey, Johannes Friedl, David Rowlings, Jason Condon and Warwick Dougherty