Sustainability reporting; where local meets global

Providing producers with a transparent and credible tool to understand and manage natural capital and Greenhouse Gas emissions.

The challenge

Farmers and agribusinesses need a credible way to demonstrate they are reducing the carbon footprint of the commodities they produce.

Showcasing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission management is a Net Zero reporting requirement for all participants in the agricultural supply chain, and is an important factor in reaching Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) milestones.

Furthermore, financiers are facing mounting pressure to report climate related exposure, while consumers across domestic and international markets are gradually turning to products that are environmentally sustainable.

Project name: Sustainability reporting; where local meets global (2022-2024)

Funding Food Agility CRC, $822,632

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Our response

Our plan is to create a robust Measurement, Reporting, and Verification(MRV) system for the agribusiness value chain, accurately measuring emissions reductions resulting from interventions. This system will enhance financial products, mitigate risks, and build consumer trust in both domestic and international markets.

This project highlights our commitment to establishing a credible framework that accurately measures and reports sustainability achievements. This will contribute to building a more environmentally responsible and trusted agribusiness sector, benefiting stakeholders at every stage of the value chain, including farmers and agribusiness.

The goal

This project aims to establish a sustainable operating model for measuring GHG emissions in agriculture production and create the Global Digital Farm as a benchmark for effective sustainability reporting, including natural capital and GHG emissions.


  • An enduring business and operating model to measure GHG emission in agricultural production
  • Leverage this operating model to facilitate measurement of GHG emissions as well as underlying farm based natural capital
  • The Global Digital Farm as an open and accessible benchmark for effective sustainability reporting, including natural capital and GHG emissions

Our team

Principal scientist

portrait of Dr Mark Frost
Dr Mark Frost
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Our research team

portrait of Ms Briony Cottam
Ms Briony Cottam
, Charles Sturt University – team member WP1 & WP2, Cool Soil Initiative representative
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Jonathan Medway
Spatial agriculture
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portrait of Dr Madeline Mitchell
Dr Madeline Mitchell
Food Agility CRC
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Dr Elizabeth Reaves
Sustainable Food Lab
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Professor David Lamb
Chief Scientist, Food Agility CRC
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Ben Harris
Food Lab Project Manager

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