Age Discrimination Act 2004

The Age Discrimination Act aims to:

  1. remove discrimination on the basis of age in employment, education and other areas;
  2. ensure, as far as practicable, that everyone has the same rights to equality before the law, regardless of their age;
  3. promote recognition and acceptance of this principle within the community;
  4. allow appropriate benefits and other assistance to be given to people of a certain age, in recognition of their particular circumstances; and
  5. respond to demographic change by removing barriers to older people participating in society, particularly the workforce, and changing negative stereotypes about older people.

The Act makes it unlawful to treat a person less favourably because of their age, because of characteristics generally pertaining to their age or because of characteristics generally imputed to people of their age. Like other anti-discrimination laws, the Act provides for exemptions to its application. Among these are exemption for youth wages or direct compliance with industrial agreements and awards and exemption for educational institutions established for people of a particular age.

Under the Age Discrimination Act it is not unlawful to provide a benefit to a particular group where the action is intended to meet a need that arises from that age group.

Age Discrimination Act 2004

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