Managing other staff

As a manager, you're part of the University's leadership team. This means you're responsible for fostering the health and sustainability of Charles Sturt University by:

  • articulating our vision
  • living the values
  • keeping our mission at the forefront of your decisions and actions.

Doing this will help both you and the University achieve better outcomes.


As a manager, you're expected to:

  • be a critical part of our planning, governance and financial management
  • be a sponsor, leader and champion of our objectives in:
    • equity and diversity
    • health, safety and wellbeing
    • successful change
    • sustainability.
  • question the status quo
  • foster quality and accountability
  • communicate up, down and across the organisational structure.

Managing staff

A large part of being a manager involves leading and managing people, our most significant and valuable asset.

As a people manager, you're responsible for:

You're expected to have a solid understanding of the conditions under the Enterprise Agreement in order to apply staff entitlements appropriately. You also need to be aware of and understand relevant HR Policies.

Planning and governance

As a manager, you need to understand your responsibilities around strategic and operational planning, risk and emergency management, and budget and asset management.

Induction and probation

You have a significant influence on creating an environment that helps a staff member to settle into the work area and perform well in their new job. Learn how to conduct and manage a comprehensive and effective induction.

Staff development

Promoting lifelong learning and development means we all end up with better outcomes and support. Learn about staff development options and how you can support the development and advancement of your people.

Recognising staff

One of the most powerful strategies available to you in helping you to achieve great outcomes is recognising your staff. There are a number of ways you can do this, including our reward and recognition program, manager level achievement awards and University level excellence awards.

Working conditions and wellbeing

Understand your responsibilities regarding your staff's working conditions, including flexible working hours, academic workload arrangements, managing leave and work health and safety. You can also find out about staff wellbeing and how you can promote this in the workplace.

Your support and development

Managing people can be challenging as well as rewarding. Find out what support and development is available to help you be the best manager you can be.

Employee Development and Review Scheme (EDRS)

The Employee Development and Review Scheme (known as EDRS) is the formal performance review process at Charles Sturt.

Allowances and acting appointments

Employees may be eligible to receive an allowance for completing higher duties or acting in a higher level position.

Staff leaving the University

There are things a manager must organise when their staff leave the University. A checklist has been developed to assist you in completing tasks with staff prior to leaving. You can also visit the Leaving the University page for staff.

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    Managers’ Hotline (Counselling)
    1300 361 008

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