Respect, equity and diversity

Our commitment

Charles Sturt is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce, where our staff feel valued and empowered when they come to work.

Learn about our plans, strategies and initiatives to enhance workplace diversity and inclusion at Charles Sturt.

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We are committed to:

  • building a workplace culture that provides dignity and respect to all
  • encouraging the sharing of ideas and perspectives, and valuing differences
  • taking steps to break down barriers that impede diversity and inclusion
  • educating and equipping our leaders with the understanding and skills to be inclusive and foster belonging for all
  • building and attracting a workforce that reflects the communities we serve – including our students, partners and wider community.

View the Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2023-2025

Employee Network Meetings

As part of our newly launched Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2023-2025, Employee Networks are being established for key diversity groups (where a network doesn’t already exist).

Then Networks will unite people who share an identity or lived experience, and those who support them, by creating a forum to raise issues of importance, and to provide feedback and guide decisions around University priorities and initiatives that impact them.

The already established First Nations Staff Network is only open to staff who identify as being First Nations and is chaired by members of the network. Similarly, the established staff and student Ally Network is open to Charles Sturt staff allies who have completed relevant training.

Details and calendar invites for the inaugural meetings for all other Employee Networks and are below:

Focus area



Calendar invite (link)

Accessibility and Neurodiversity

Thursday 5 October

3:00 – 4:00 pm

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Wednesday 27 September

11:30 am – 12:30 pm

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Monday 25 September

1:00 – 1:50 pm

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Workplace diversity and inclusion

A diverse workforce and inclusive culture enable us to thrive as an organisation and deliver excellent teaching and research to our communities.

Learn about workplace diversity and inclusion and view resources, training and tools.

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The benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace include:

  • supporting staff's personal health, well-being, career and financial goals
  • better engagement, collaboration, innovation, decision making and problem-solving
  • improving staff wellbeing, psychological and cultural safety
  • enhanced individual, team and organisational performance
  • recognition as an employer of choice, to attract and retain talent
  • better outcomes in education, research, and community engagement
  • increased resilience to respond and overcome challenges and disruptions.

Our key diversity groups

While we prioritise inclusive practices to ensure all staff feel safe, supported and able to thrive at work, we provide additional focus for under-represented groups and those who experience systemic disadvantage, intersectional barriers, bias, or discrimination.

Accessibility and neurodiversity

We are committed to providing a safe and accessible working environment for neurodiverse staff and staff with disability to reduce barriers and ensure they can participate fully and effectively at work.


We are committed to providing a flexible, supportive and accessible work environment for staff with family or caring responsibilities.

Diverse faiths and cultures

We are committed to providing a welcoming, supportive and inclusive work environment for staff from diverse cultural backgrounds and faiths.

First Nations

We're committed to our relationship with First Nations Australian communities and aim to provide education, employment and research opportunities that support the aspirations of First Nations people.


Gender equity is fundamental at Charles Sturt. We aim to improve the working lives of our employees and achieve equality through policy, collaboration and gender equity focused initiatives.


We are committed to building a culture that respects and embraces diversity, including differences around sex and/or gender identity and sexuality.

Support and contact

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion team develops, manages and implements staff-focused equity, diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives.

Meet the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion team, learn about our focus areas and where you can go for support and information.

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Charles Sturt also offers support and assistance on the following topics:

  • Domestic and family violence - we offer support to employees experiencing domestic and family violence as well as employees supporting a member of their immediate family experiencing domestic and family violence.
  • Anti-discrimination - we have an obligation to prevent unlawful discrimination and harassment, and to foster an environment that is safe and inclusive for all.
  • Bullying and harassment - Charles Sturt is committed to the prevention and elimination of bullying and harassment in University-related activities, both on and off campus.
  • Child protection - as part of Charles Sturt’s Institutional response to the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Assault, you are encouraged to make a report if you suspect a child is at risk.