About the Division of Human Resources

The Division of Human Resources provides strategic leadership and advice to the University in the development of its policies and practices, to enhance the personal and professional development of its staff, and to enable managers at all levels to optimise the performance of their staff within a dynamic environment. To fulfil this responsibility, the Division provides support as well as professional and effective human resource services to the executive, managers, staff and other clients of the Division.


Our vision for people at CSU is that the University will be recognised for the outstanding achievements of its people. We will have:

  • qualified, skilled and engaged staff;
  • a high performance culture demonstrated by:
  • a supportive, productive and energetic work environment;
  • a strong research profile;
  • a high quality of leadership in learning and teaching;
  • the confidence of our professions, regions and governments.

We will be a University of choice for students and staff.


Our mission is to facilitate achievement of the University's objectives through leadership in people management.

We will achieve this through our:

  • Business knowledge;
  • Strategic contribution;
  • Strong partnerships;
  • Delivery of quality HR outcomes; and
  • Optimisation of technology.

We will be a University of choice for students and staff.


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