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Tests, Pools and Surveys

Test and surveys can be used to measure student knowledge, measure progress, and collect information from students.

Key ideas

  • Test questions have points assigned to them for grading
  • Survey results are anonymous, but you can see if a student has completed a survey. Surveys cannot be graded
  • Pools are groups of questions that can be used to create tests or surveys. Pools can also be used in a test that randomly selects a sub-set of the pool questions.
  • Once you have created your test or survey you must Deploy and set the Test option.
  • To make changes to a test or survey you can either
    • Edit the Test: this allows you to edit the test questions
    • Edit the Test Options: this allows you to edit the test settings

    Note: If you have selected test as an assessment item in your subject outline (make sure you have ticked Interact2 tests as a Submission method option), this will automatically create an area under the tab on the left hand navigation called: Subject Outline Tools. It is best to use this area as the Grade Centre column has already been set up.

This guide is designed to provide you information about the most requested test, survey and pool questions.  More information can be located on Blackboard help.

Create a Test or Survey

Create a test or survey

Deploy a Test or Survey

Add the test or survey to content

Test or Survey Options

Set the features of a test or survey

Preview a Test or Survey

Preview the test before it is made available to students

Test Access Log

Access students test data

Test or Survey Exceptions

Set up an individual test exception