There is some terminology differences that you will need to be note between Blackboard Learn and language that the university community is already accustomed to. Because it is neither possible nor desirable to align CSU and Blackboard terminology, as a user of Interact2, you will need to be aware of these differences.

Perhaps the most significant difference is the use of the terms "Subject" and "Course" at CSU. These terms will remain as CSU terminology, but in Blackboard subject and course sites are known collectively as "Course sites", or "Courses".

Significant terminology changes include:

Currently used at CSUBlackboard Learning term
Subject/Subject siteCourse/Course site
Course/Course siteCourse/Course site
Project/Organisation sitesOrganisations

Other terms that users will encounter include:


Forum posts in Blackboard can be selected as a Collection. Users can collect posts into a printable, sortable format. Collections are a good way to organise posts for quick reading. A Collection must be created to tag posts.

Course/Organisation Management Menu

A list of site management tools for use within an Interact2 site, available under the site navigation panel (left-hand lower menu):

  • 'Course Management' for Course/Subject sites;
  • 'Organisation Management' for Project/Organisation sites.

Content Collection

Content collection is a central file storage area for a single site, which allows a site manager to manage, organise, and use files as needed. When creating content for your course, you can link to any uploaded items in content collection. When you change an item, all links to the item in your course reflect those changes.


Blackboard uses the term "grades" in situations that CSU uses "marks". For example, Needs Grading in Grade Centre is a list of submissions that are ready for marking. The term "Grade" at CSU continues to refer to the global assessment of a student's performance made at the end of a session.


Modules are items that include content, links or tools that can be added to personalise the dashboard page, such as My Announcements, Alerts, Needs Attention. In the creation of content. the term "module" is replaced by "Learning Modules".

Site Updates

Site Updates is a module that can be added to your dashboard. The name was changed from the Blackboard name of "What's New" to avoid confusion with the staff.csu module of the same name. Click here for more information about this module.