Content Editor

The Content Editor is used across the Interact2 system from staff core content creation, exams and announcements to student posts in forums, blogs and wikis.

Blackboard has updated the Content Editor for Interact2, this has changed the look and feel of the editor as well as upgraded functionality.

While general use is very similar there are some changes that you need to be aware of to make a smooth transition using the new Content Editor.

content editor

To learn more about Content Editor and changes, visit Blackboard's Content Editor.

Content Collection

How can I upload multiple files to the Content Collection?

It is recommended that you upload multiple files using the Upload Zip (Theme) Package method.

CSU Replay (Panopto)

The official help site for CSU Replay (Panopto) can be found using the following link:

CSU Replay help and documentation.

Discussion Board

I want a discussion board post email notification to include the post message, how can I do this?

This can be configured in the Discussion Board settings available to staff members.

In the Discussion Board settings:

  • Under: 'Allow members to subscribe to forum'
  • Select: 'Include body of post in the email'
  • Click: 'Submit'

Grade Centre

What does the Student Receipts tool offer?

The Student/Submission Receipts is an area under Grade Centre Reports that keeps track of Student assignment submissions and the receipts that were delivered to Students.

This is associated with the Blackboard Assignments tool which we do not use at Charles Sturt. EASTS is our preferred assignment tool as it delivers more features.

This menu option can be ignored.

How do students access their grades?

After logging into Interact2 students can

a. Open the Open the Global Navigation Menu, by clicking your name in the top-right corner and clicking on the My Grades icon.


b. Click My Grades from the left hand menu within your Subject Site in Interact2

To learn more about icons and what students will see access the Blackboard  grades student page.

Will the subject outline automatically populate Grade Centre with assessment item details?

Assessment items from the subject outline will appear as a column in Grade Centre. Subject Coordinators won't have to enter them again. Other columns can be added manually for non-assessable items if required, but won't be taken into account when grades are confirmed.

Why have the assessments not loaded into Grade Centre?

Verify that the Subject Outline has been published and there were not any errors in the process. Once the Subject Outline has been published, any errors or warnings will be emailed to the Subject Coordinator (as designated through the Subject Coordinator Maintenance Form).

If no errors, contact the DIT Service Desk.

Why is the assessment name / due date / value in the Subject Outline different from that in Grade Centre?

Verify that the Subject Outline has been published and there were not any errors in the process. Once the Subject Outline has been published, any errors or warnings will be emailed to the Subject Coordinator (as designated through the Subject Coordinator Maintenance Form).

If no errors, contact the DIT Service Desk.

What should I do if the grading schema is incorrect for the Calculated Grade / Cumulative Mark / Administrative Override / individual assessment columns?

See the document "Verifying that Grade Centre contains the assessment items defined in the Subject Outline" for details of grading schema checks.

Why are there multiple assessment / Calculated Grade / Cumulative Total / Administrative Override columns existing in Grade Centre?

Multiple instances may be loaded into Grade Centre accidentally via a number of different ways:

  1. The columns were created manually by the Subject Coordinator
  2. It occurred during a failed merge process - this is an error and should be reported to the DIT Service Desk.
  3. An old subject was imported and carried across duplicate columns.

It is possible to manually correct Grade Centre:

  • For duplicate assessment items – If the assessment item templates were loaded into the "Subject Outline Tool Items" folder in error, remove the assessment items from within this folder. You can then discard the folder. Removing the items will remove the column in Grade Centre.
  • For duplicate Cumulative Mark/Calculated Grade/Administrative Override columns – First verify which column is the original in Grade Centre (under Manage > Column Organisation, the columns are listed in the order they appear in the Grade Centre. Find the Date Created Column
  • Remove the latest version of the duplicate column – Go back to the Grade Centre, select the (˅) arrow next to the duplicate column and select Delete Column.

I've already set up a gradable assessment item in my Interact2 subject site before the Subject Outline was finalised. What will happen once the outline is published?

In order to preserve consistency between the Subject Outline and the Interact2 subject site, we ask that Subject Coordinators do not manually create summative assessment items in grade centre. All summative assessment items should be in the Subject Outline.

Because the provisioning service first looks to determine whether gradable assessment columns exist in the Interact2 subject site first, the service will produce an error and not load any assessment items if it finds existing items. This error email will be sent to DSL in addition to the Subject Coordinator as designated through the ACSES.

I want to create an assessment item in Interact2 and make it gradable instead of the assessment item as provisioned from the Subject Outline.

In order to achieve this, you must remove the assessment item as was added as part of the provisioning service from the Subject Outline, create the new assessment item, make it gradable and associate it to the Cumulative Mark and Calculated Grade columns.

To associate the new assessment item to the Cumulative Mark / Calculated Grade column, from within Grade Centre:

  1. select the (˅) arrow next to the Cumulative Mark / Calculated Grade columns,
  2. select 'Edit Column Information', and
  3. ensure that the new assessment is selected in the Selected Columns as Selected Columns.

Also ensure that the value and the due date for that assessment matches the due date and the value for the assessment from the Subject Outline.

I have created an Interact2 test, published the subject outline and had the assessment items loaded into Grade Centre but need to vary the Subject Outline to update the due date for the test. Why is it not appearing in Grade Centre?

There is a known issue that if the loading process finds that the column it is attempting to update comprises a value equal to 0, it will not update in Interact2 Grade Centre. This is especially apparent in Interact2 tests where the overall test itself has a value assigned in Grade Centre although there are no questions associated with the test itself.

Once questions have been added to the test, then varying the outline will update the due date however if a test has not been set up and the outline has been varied and the due date updated, it will need to be updated manually.

In order to achieve this, in Grade Centre click on the drop down arrow to the right of the column name and select "Edit Column Information". The due date may be modified here.

In Grade Centre, why is the value of my satisfactory / unsatisfactory based assessment set to "1" instead of "0"?

There is a known issue that if the loading process finds that the column it is attempting to update comprises a value equal to 0, it will not update in Interact2 Grade Centre. For this reason, the loading process will associate a value of "1" to any satisfactory/unsatisfactory assessments. These items however will not be included in the Grade Centre calculations.

What role does the Grade Sign-off Officer translate to in Interact2?

The Grade Sign-off Officer will appear within the Interact2 subject site as "Full Staff Access". This does not mean that anyone with the Full Staff Access role may approve and transfer grades. When the Grade Sign-off Officer is specified in the Academic Course and Subject Entry System (ACSES) , this role translates to the normal Full Staff Access role plus special permissions required to approve and transfer grades.

The Grade Sign-off Officer role is automatically delegated to the Head Of School. This role may not appear in the Subject Coordinators Maintenance Form or the Grade Readiness Form. This permission is built in to the Interact2 subject site.

The Student ID is not appearing in the downloaded grade sheet from Grade Centre

If the Student ID field is hidden from the instructor view in Grade Centre, it will not be included in the grade sheet once downloaded from within Grade Centre.

From within Grade Centre, select "Column Organisation" from the Manage drop down menu, select the Student ID row from the checkbox and then click on "Show Selected Columns". You will need to click the Submit button for changes to make effect.

Why is there a preview user row created in Grade Centre?

The "previewuser" entry is created once the user enters the Student Preview within the Interact2 site.

When a user exits the Student Preview, they are presented with two options: to keep the preview user and its data, or to remove it. If they choose to keep the data, a new row will be created in Grade Centre that represents the preview user.

Why is there a tick next to the column name in Grade Centre?

The External grade tick is a default setting in Interact2 that cannot be removed. One of the columns must be set as the External Grade even though it is not currently being used at CSU. The external grade column is displayed with a green tick. Once a column is designated External Grade, it cannot be deleted.

By default, the 'Total' column is set to External Grade and then hidden from the Student and Instructor view once assessments are provisioned from the Subject Outline. It may be helpful to set the 'Cumulative Mark' column to External Grade as this will prevent users from deleting this column. To do this, select the drop down menu to the right of the chosen column and select "Set as External Grade".

Work is in progress to have the 'Cumulative Mark' set as the External Grade by default.

How does grade transfer work with merged sites?

When grades are approved to transfer, each cohort is processed independently. The GSO will receive multiple Grade Transfer Summary/Exception emails for each merged cohort.

How does grade transfer work for multi-session subjects?

For multi-session subjects, grades do not need to be approved/transferred. Students will be pre-loaded with an IP grade. Grade transfer only needs to occur in last session of study in the multi-session subject.

What happens if there is no GSO listed for subject offering in ACSES?

Fourteen (14) days before the grading window start date, an email will be generated to the GSO's listed (including HoS) for subjects belonging to a grade window to confirm the listed GSO's

Under what circumstances will the GSO receive an exception when attempting to write a grade to Banner?

The GSO will receive email notification of exceptions under the following broad circumstances:

  • Columns in Grade Centre are inconsistent, missing, or incorrect
  • Grade schema applied in Grade Centre is inconsistent with the grade schema as expected in the subject offering
  • Existing grade exists in Banner
  • Data issues exist against student
  • Grading window not yet defined, or closed

Internet Browsers

How do I turn off pop-up blockers in my browser?

While using Interact2 you need to disable pop-up blocking to be able to view discussion postings, quiz windows, and download links. For more information about turning off pop-up blocker on your machine, please select your current web browser:

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Safari (on Apple devices)

  • click on Safari in your Browser menu
  • click on Preferences
  • click on Security
  • under Web Content untick the check box next to block pop-up windows

External educational technologies for learning and teaching policy

Charles Sturt recognises that staff and students will increasingly use an ever-expanding range of External Educational Technologies (EETs) to interact with each other. The purpose of this Policy is to provide clarity for staff on their professional and personal use of EETs and to encourage skilful and responsible use.

Java & Chat

These Java-based tools are no longer available in Interact2 (Blackboard):

  • Multiple File Uploads
  • Virtual Classroom Tools (Virtual Classroom and Chat)


How can I print from within Interact2?

In cases where content to be printed is an attached file such as a Microsoft Word document, an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF file, printing is controlled through that program.  Printing of other content is generally controlled through the web browser, which involves selecting Print from the browser's main menu. Read this document for a summary of the steps in printing content from within Interact2.

How can I print my Subject Outline?

Open the Subject Outline from the Interact2 Subject site. Locate the Print Version link. Click on it to either save the file or to open it with Adobe Reader, from where it can be printed.

Site Management

How long do I have access to a site after it finishes?

Students will lose access to subject sites 12 months after the subject has finished; this allows sufficient time for Students with a Grade Pending (GP) to complete their work.

Staff may lose access to subjects 24 months after the subject has finished. After this period, the subject is eligible for removal from the system.

I am a Student, how can I get access to an older Interact2 site?

Please note: Students that have been enrolled into an Interact2 site will lose access twelve months after the subject has ended.

If a Student requires access to an older Interact2 site that they had previously been enrolled in, they will need to contact their Subject Coordinator. It will be at the Subject Coordinators discretion if access is provided.

If you are unsure of who to contact, please contact Student Central who will be able to liaise with the Subject Coordinator.

How do I set up my WileyPLUS course in Interact2?

To set up a WileyPLUS course in Interact2, an Instructor will need to enter a WileyPLUS Product ID. This Quick Start Guide will assist you in this process; demonstrated in this video.

How can I show or hide additional help information?

You may want to show (or hide) additional help information when viewing a page. This help information provides more descriptive sentences relating to configuration settings or page functions. If you find that other users are able to see more descriptive information than yourself, you may want to ensure that your help toggle is set to on.

This help toggle button can be found in the near top right hand corner of your page:

Help toggle ?

How can I hide the Subject Outline from Students?

In some circumstances, a subject site may not have an associated Subject Outline, and therefore an Academic may wish to hide the Subject Outline from Students.

How long will I have access to an Interact2 site after session finishes?

Access to an Interact2 site will be removed after 12 months for a Student, and 18 months for an Academic. However, an Academic may choose to make the site unavailable to the Student at an earlier point in time.

I have a lot of courses on my list, is there a way I can easily find the one I am looking for?

It may be beneficial to group your subjects by a session on your Dashboard, so that subjects are grouped by session code, and can be collapsed and expanded as needed.

This grouping can be achieved by entering the 'My Courses' module settings:

  1. Hover your mouse pointer in the top right corner of the 'My Courses' module
  2. Click on the settings icon
  3. Tick the 'Group by Term' checkbox
  4. Click 'Submit'

If you are finding it difficult to find your course within your course list, you may be interested in searching for your course using the subject code. This can be achieved using the course search page and can be set up as a Bookmark on your Dashboard.

Why can't I access an organisation from the Organisation Search module on the Organisations tab?

The Organisation Search box is only to search for organisations that you might wish to enrol in. It is not intended to provide clickable links to ones you already belong to. If you have a long list of organisations that you belong to you may see a More organisations tab at the bottom of the My Organisations module. When that opens up, you can search from there.

How can a non-Charles Sturt person be given access to Interact2?

To gain access to an Interact2 site a participant first needs to have a Charles Sturt username and password. If you need to add a non-Charles Sturt person from the categories listed below you will have to request a Temporary Login for the person in question. More information

  • Conference attendees
  • PhD and RHD students who need staff access and an optional Charles Sturt staff email address and are NOT being paid through HR
  • Visiting research students
  • External vendors/contractors

Are there quotas on storage space in Interact2?

Storage space in course and subject sites, organisations and each user's My Content is not subject to a quota, although organisations that were created before November 2014 may be subject to a quota of 300 MB that can be removed with a DIT Service Desk request. Regular reporting will show areas of high storage, in which case the site owner or individual user may be contacted if necessary. Good practice includes sharing resources across different sites instead of creating multiple copies of the same resource. More information.

Why are student email addresses shown as @postoffice.csu.edu.au?

Student email addresses appear in user lists of Interact2 sites as an email alias address in the form name@postoffice.csu.edu.au. Due to more stringent Australian privacy legislation in 2014 and the School of Policing requirements we are not allowed to display real student email addresses to other students or staff in other disciplines. Emails sent from within Interact2 to name@postoffice.csu.edu.au will be redirected to the official student email address stored in Banner. If a student replies to an email that was sent from within i2 please note the student's official email address, as stored in Banner, will be displayed to the email recipient.

Subject Outlines

FAQs are included in the comprehensive help for the Subject Outline Tool.

Subject Site Availability

Interact2 sites will be provisioned biannually in 2 releases in September and January.  Subject sites cannot be manually created by a user.

Subject site will be available to students automatically 14 days before the start of session unless made available earlier by an authorised staff member. Log an SRS for support.

Information regarding session and census dates can be located on the Charles Sturt website.

Can I still use Internet Explorer to access Interact2?

The use of Internet Explorer (IE) is not recommended for accessing Interact2 under the new theme. The IE browser has been deprecated by Microsoft, which means its use is no longer recommended. It does not support the latest HTML standards and an increasing number of sites on the Internet no longer work properly using it. We would recommend the use of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge to access Interact 2 from here on.

My CSU replay recordings are not scaling correctly on mobile devices and students can only see part of the video.

There seems to be display issues when students are viewing CSU replay on mobile devices and to overcome this enable the Panopto Tool link in the left-hand menu so that students can see the tool (see the DIT website for assistance on how to do this in your i2 site: https://staff.csu.edu.au/division/information-technology/help-support/services-self-help/learning-teaching/csu-replay). The Panopto tool link will give students access to all recordings for your subject and gives them the option on Mobile devices to continue in browser (the videos fit on screen when viewed in a browser unlike the embedded versions) or to download the mobile app.

Ultra View

When will the University start using Ultra?

The Blackboard Learn Ultra View product is a different way of using Blackboard and offers a minimalistic and streamlined way of viewing and using Subjects in Blackboard.

It will be some time before this can be piloted in Interact2; Interact2 will need to undergo a series of system changes (including upgrades) before it can support Ultra View. Ultra View is continually under development, and it may be a few years before it has tools and features comparable to our existing version of Blackboard.

If you are interested in trying Ultra, you can access a test environment via http://preview.blackboard.com.