Known Issues

Users are encouraged to familiarise themselves with 'Known Issues' described on this page. These issues needn't be reported, as DIT and DLT are already aware of them.


Text in announcement emails are centre aligned

Observed Behaviour:

When viewing an announcement email from Interact2, text is centred aligned.


There are two workarounds:

  • send the announcement immediately and then it appears left aligned
  • edit the announcement html code with the following CSS code:
    style="text-align: left;"

July 2019

Interact2 links are URLs that start with

When sending Interact2 links, or attached items such as files and images in announcements, the email recipient may not be able to open or view these items. Please review the following information in regards to sending announcements.:

  • Posting an announcement with an Interact2 link, or attached file (via Insert File), and with the option 'send copy immediately' left unchecked, users will not be able to open the attachment. This issue is known to Blackboard and will be fixed in a future release.
  • Posting an announcement with an attached file (via Insert File), with the 'send copy immediately' option checked will provide the user with a valid link to access the resource, however, the user will need to be already logged into Interact2 to be able to access the resource. This access can be worked around by changing the permissions of the file resource located in the Content Collection.
  • Posting an announcement with an embedded image (via Insert Image) will not appear in the recipient's email as their email client (including some web-based email clients) is not able to access Interact2 resources. This access can be worked around by changing the permissions of the file resource located in the Content Collection.

Please note that changing the file permissions will allow anyone from outside the University to view the resource if they have access to the link. To change the file permissions:

  1. Navigate to the file resource in the Content Collection
  2. On the file options, select 'Permissions'
  3. Click on the 'Permit Anyone' button
  4. Default will be Read Access (leave as default)
  5. Submit

June 2019

For more information about sending announcements, and the options available, please review the documentation on Announcements.

Duplicate Email Sent To Users When Sending To More Than 100 Users

Observed Behaviour:

Emails sent from the Announcements tool or the Send Email tool in courses may be sent to users twice.


Currently no workaround

August 2020

Blogs & Journals

An image inserted into a Blog or Journal reduces in size after submission

This issue only applies to images wider than 350 pixels.

When inserting an image into the text editor of a Blog, or Journal it will appear correctly in the text editor, and when using the Preview mode.

After submitting the entry, an image larger than 350px will be proportionally scaled back to an image no wider than 350 px.

Expected to be fixed in a future release

May 2020

Content - Formula Tool

1) Formula characters not showing in edit mode:

When inserting a formula into a block of content the formula characters are not displayed in edit mode. It displays correctly in normal viewing mode.

Status: with Vendor to investigate

2) Unintended line break after formula:

After a formula has been entered an unintentional line break is inserted and the text continues on the next line.

Status: acknowledged by vendor as a known issue
ETA on fix: to be advised

CSU Replay (Panopto)

New sites are using the CSU Replay folders and configurations created from an earlier site.

This known issue is only related to new sites that have used Course/Organisation Copy to carry over information from an existing site using CSU Replay. If using Export/Import, the issue will not occur.

When using CSU Replay in a site for the first time, a message will appear indicating that the site is not provisioned and that it needs to be set up. Upon configuring, the site will provision, and a new folder dedicated to the site will be created (with the option to use other folders if desired).

When this issue occurs (after a course/organisation copy), the new site will not provide the opportunity to set up a new instance in CSU Replay. Instead, it will be pointing back to the folder created from the past site.

The workaround to be used (which will affect the available statistics) is to rename the resource folder to that of the current subject site. Be sure that the session code, for example, 201760 is updated to the correct session. This will avoid the folder and its videos from being removed under CSU Replay's Retention Policy.

Status: Fixed in the next CSU Replay (Panopto) update

June 2019

Further help

The official help site for CSU Replay (Panopto) can be found using the following link:

CSU Replay help and documentation.


The dashboard does not display subjects you are enrolled in

This issue can possibly arise if a staff member is enrolled in more than 99 Interact2 subject sites.

When "Group By Term" is enabled in the "My Subject" module in the Interact2 Dashboard the term is not displayed. This is a known Blackboard issue that can happen if you are enrolled in more than 99 subjects.

Eg. 202060 term is selected but not displayed:

202060 Term Selected

202060 Term Selected

Expected to be fixed in a future release

May 2020

Discussion Board

Discussion Board posts are visible to students when settings should prevent access

This issue is relevant to those staff who use both Rubrics for their Discussion Boards, and the setting 'Participants must create a thread in order to view other threads in the forum'.

When using the setting 'Participants must create a thread in order to view other threads in the forum', a student will be prohibited from viewing other Discussion Board posts unless they have posted a Discussion Board post themselves.

This restriction will work unless a Rubric has been linked to the Discussion Board based assessment. If a Rubric is added to the Discussion Board, a student who has not posted could use the 'Grading Information' button to view the posts made by other students.

Expected to be fixed in a future release

May 2020


Overall Summary of User Activity Report Does not Show Wiki Tool Hits

The Overall Summary of User Activity Report in courses does not display hits for the Wiki tool

Expected to be fixed in a future release

June 2019

Mobile Devices

Blackboard mobile app

There have been minor issues with the Blackboard mobile app. If staff or students are experiencing any issues it is recommended the app be uninstalled and then reinstalled.

Apple iPhone - iOS 13 Issues

With the release of iOS 13 Blackboard has identified multiple issues in both the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor Apps related to:

  • Errors when saving and submitting of assessments that contain files from cloud storage
  • Incomplete display of content from system announcements

To resolve these issues Apple has expedited delivery of iOS 13.1 from September 30th to September 24th.

At this time, we do not recommend that users update to iOS 13 until iOS 13.1 is generally available to the public on September 24th, 2019

Resolution: Update your iPhone to iOS 13.1 and make sure you have the latest version of the Blackboard apps installed.

September 2019

Hiding sites in the mobile app will remove the site name on the Dashboard

When hiding Subject, Course, or Organisation sites in the mobile app, it will also impact your site listing when viewing using your web browser. The Subject, Course, or Organisation site name will be hidden from your site listing; only the Site ID will be displayed, e.g. S-ITC105_201890_W_D.

May 2020

Additional Known Issues for 'Blackboard'

Further Known Issues for the 'Blackboard' mobile app.

Self & Peer Assessment Tool

Unable to view results individually

Observed Behaviour:

When viewing an individual result in a Self & Peer Assessment the error message "Access Denied' is displayed.

View Result

Access Denied


The workaround is to click on the "Download All" button. This will download the results for all students in a spreadsheet format.

Download All

April 2020

Site Management and Global Navigation

Error occurs when accessing an Interact2 link outside of Interact2

It is assumed that the resource exists and that the user has permission to view it within Interact2.

Using a link (URL) to access a resource contained within Interact2 may result in an error. This error may occur if a user is not logged into Interact2, or if the user's browser session has since expired.

In most cases, Interact2 will redirect a user to log into the system, before providing the resource. There are instances where links to certain areas on the system will not redirect a user to login first.

In these instances, there are two available workarounds:

  1. Log into Interact2, and then re-try the provided link, or
  2. If a link is created and distributed, it would be best to use the deepLINKER tool to generate the link*.

*The generated link (URL) will direct the user to first log into the system, before providing the resource.

June 2019

Menu reordering via drag and drop fails

When changing the order of a menu item via drag and drop the menu item changes to a different position when the page is refreshed.

Workaround: make an order change via the Keyboard Reordering button (highlighted below). You only have to move one item once and you can then use drag and drop to reorder again.

Keyboard Reordering

August 2020

Student Preview - Zoom

Can't return to Interact2 site once the Zoom link has been clicked in Student Preview mode

When an Interact2 site has a link to the Zoom tool and it's viewed  in Student Preview mode there's no way of getting back to viewing the subject site as the bread crumb navigation at the top is hidden.

This only occurs in Student Preview mode, this does not affect students and staff during normal use of Interact2.

Zoom Student Preview

Zoom Student Preview

February 2021

Table of Contents

Double scroll bar

Double scroll bar appears when using module table of contents list

Double Scroll Bar

No known workaround at the moment.

Issue is being investigated

May 2020

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Students get kicked out of Tests

Please be advised that this entry is not related to a system issue, but instead, is to highlight the general cause of these occurrences.

An elevated number of instances will be reported whenever the 'Force Completion' option is used from the test options. This option will force the test participant to complete the test in one sitting. Working as designed; If a test participant leaves the test area for any reason, the test attempt will end, and they will not be able to resume their test.

If exiting via the browser, a warning will be presented to the participant confirming their intention to leave or reload the test.

Incidences may occur when a participant: closes their browser, navigates away from the test, refreshes/reloads the test page, experiences a computer crash, experiences Internet (inc. Wi-Fi ®) issues, etc.


  • Avoid using Force Completion where possible. Then, if a participant experiences issues, they will be able to re-enter the test and resume.
  • Ensure that a test-run is conducted of the assessment when deploying (Student Preview can be used). This is to ensure that there are no issues in the test that may encourage a participant to reload/refresh the test page.

It will be at the Subject Coordinators discretion whether, or not, the participant is allowed to re-take the assessment.

June 2019

Multiple choice question selection dots do not align correctly

Multiple choice question answer selections do not align correctly with the answer text.

Multiple Choice Questions

No known workaround at the moment.

Issue is being investigated by CSU web team

June 2020

Formatting Issues in Edit Test Options with Help Disabled

On the Edit Test Options screen, if the Help is turned off, the Test Presentation section setting 'Prohibit Backtracking' moves up to share the line with 'One at a Time' option, making it difficult to tell which checkbox goes with what setting.

Expected Behaviour:
Prohibit Backtracking is below One at a Time


Observed Behaviour:
Prohibit Backtracking is on the same line as One at a Time


No known workaround at the moment.

January 2021