Site Analytics

The Site Analytics Tableau Dashboard forms the basis of Interact2 learning data reporting.

Site Analytics presents a near real-time overview of student activity within an Interact2 subject site. Data in the Site Analytics dashboard are refreshed daily at 2 am.

The Site Analytics link is located in the Control panel, the lower section of the subject site navigation menu:

Control Panel  > Student Tracking  >  Site Analytics

Once you have entered the Site Analytics page, you will see a direct link to the Tableau dashboard for your subject. Click on this link to enter Tableau; you must authenticate by entering your normal login details.

There are four views within the Site Analytics dashboard:

  1. Site Overview
  2. Student Content Activity
  3. Student Timelines
  4. Daily Breakdown

Navigation between the views is provided along the bottom of the dashboard view. Each dashboard view has a download ability located at the bottom right of the page.

Site analytics reporting does not require you to turn on Statistics Tracking in content areas to gain student activity data. Site Analytics does not, at this stage, report on activity data in Organisation sites.

Resources guiding greater-depth Site Analytics and educational data are available in the DOMS Learning Analytics Collection.

For queries or support in using the Site Analytics reports or learning data in general, submit a request through the SRS icon located on your CSU computer desktop or by using this link  log a service request.