Grading Assessments

In Interact2 grades can be assigned to the following tools:

  • Individual and group assignments
  • Tests
  • Blogs and journals
  • Wikis
  • Discussion board forums and threads


You can access student submissions in the following places:

  • Needs Marking page
  • Using the Grading sidebar

Information on marking tests in Interact2 is available in Grade Centre.

Control Panel > Grade Center section > Needs Grading page

Grading assessments

Note:  More information on marking within Grade Center is available from the options in the right hand menu.

The steps involved in assigning a grade to a tool are shown below:

  1. Access the tool you have assigned a rubric too (in this case we are using the Wiki example)
  2. Click Participation and Grading on the action bar.Participation and grading button
  3. Select a user to grade. The user's contributions are listed in the content frame.Participant name
  4. Type a point total in the Grade textbox.
  5. Optionally, type feedback for the user in the Feedback to Learner field and grading notes in the Grading Notes - Private field, which appear to the Instructor only. The icon for Click to open full content editor to access all the content editor functions for formatting text and adding URLs, attachments, images, Mashups, and multimedia.
    Individual wiki marking

    If a rubric was used for this task you can select the graded rubric link shown in red above to grade each criterion and provide feedback (as shown by the example below).


  6. Click Submit.