The Quality Assurance and Reflection System (QUASAR)

  • enables Faculties to record and provide feedback on assessment and subjects;
  • helps staff to record the quality assurance processes (in particular moderation) which happen with a subject;
  • gives all teaching staff a place to reflect upon their subjects and plan improvements for the future;
  • QUASAR forms are used with the current Faculty Assessment and Moderation guidelines;
  • moderation and quality assurance is conducted at a subject level. All subject offerings/cohorts for a session should be moderated together. Therefore there is only one form for each subject.

There are three possible forms listed for each subject, and a set of columns to indicate Action items that may need to be completed. The three forms are:

  • Subject Validation (this form is only available if the offering in your list is the first offering after a change in CASIMS - (due 6 weeks before the start of the session if required)
  • Moderation and Grades - (due when grades are due)
  • Reflection and Planning - (due after grade release)


The Quality Assurance and Subject Review (QUASAR) system can be accessed from the Staff Links in Interact2.

Alternatively - The QUASAR tool is available from https://teach.csu.edu.au/quasar .

If you do not have the right level of access – please contact the subject admin team via FOBJBS-Subject-Admin@csu.edu.au or FOAE-Subject-Admin@csu.edu.au or FOS-Subject-Admin@csu.edu.au


Detailed help is available from http://thinkspace.csu.edu.au/quasar/