Grade Centre

Grade Centre is the tool for recording and managing your students' marks for assessments and their final grades.

Seven important things to note about Grade Centre:

  1. Subject Co-ordinators are responsible for setting up the Grade Centre correctly and ensuring marks are entered appropriately – a properly set up Grade Centre alleviates many problems when finalising/transferring student grades.

    It is strongly recommended that all Subject Co-ordinators read the Top Five Things to do in Grade Centre.  Following this simple guide, supplemented by the detailed Help Guides on the right of screen, should reduce many of the problems you are likely to encounter.  You can also contact your School's Grade Centre Champion if these resources don't resolve the issues
  2. In Grade Centre, each assessment item is represented by a column.  Columns for summative assessment tasks are created automatically from the Subject Outline.  A Calculated Grade column, which collates assessment marks (consistent with the Subject Outline) to provide an overall grade at the end of session, is also automatically created.

    It is always worthwhile checking that the Grade Centre columns reflect the Subject Outline and that calculated columns are operating as intended
  3. You can determine which marks you make visible to your students and when.  All automatically created columns are set to "not visible" by default
  4. It is highly recommended that marks be entered as assessments are marked throughout the session – as this helps students and can expose any problems in the Grade Centre set-up well ahead of grade transfer
  5. Grade Centre columns can also be created for formative assessments (e.g. self-tests) and surveys which are not related to grade calculations
  6. If possible, try to avoid importing a Grade Centre from a previous subject site – most problems arise from Grade Centre imports.  Any such imports should be closely checked
  7. The Grade Centre can provide useful reports on student attempts, overall test/survey results and grade distributions/histories, as well as analytical tools like Item Analysis.  For more info, contact:

Introduction to Grade Centre

Getting help

If you are having trouble using Grade Centre, 1) read the Top Five Things to do in Grade Centre, supplemented with the Help Guides on the right of screen, and/or 2) contact your School's Grade Centre Champion.