FAQ Marking

The exam responses will appear in Grade Centre.

  1. On the left hand course menu under Subject Management click on the arrow next to “Grade Centre” a drop down menu will appear
  2. Under the drop down menu click on Full Grade Centre

Within the grade centre locate your final exam column.  Student's attempts that need marking will be indicated by the yellow icon.

exam attempts

You are then able to either mark responses by question or student.  See help guides for instructions.

If it is a self-marking test it will have the score instead of yellow icon.

If multiple users are marking an individual students answers at the same time there is the possibility some marks will be lost. It is best practice to only have one person using Grade Centre at a time if possible.

An alternative may be to mark by student not question.

For more information visit the Learning Technology support quick reference.

In Interact2 once grades are transferred to Banner at the end of session the Grade Centre is locked. Once locked students will no longer be able to complete or save tests.

Staff can view student’s answers to tests after a Grade Centre has been locked. To view the attempt, select the chevron next to the student’s score. To access this feature you need to be an Instructor.