Course Sites

All courses, excluding Higher Degree (HDR) courses are to have a course site in Interact 2. Course sites are to be requested by the Course Director or Course Coordinator. Student membership will be automated and based upon current student enrolment; other staff can be added manually by the Course Director as required. Once a site has been created, the site structure can be edited and adapted from the basic template to suit the needs of the course. The site will not have a specific life-cycle, but will continue until it is no longer required.

New course site requests or modifications need to be submitted to the DIT Service Desk. The request needs to be authorised by the Course Director or Course Coordinator. This will be validated using the Academic Course and Subject Entry System.

For new course sites, the following details are required:

Required ItemAttributesExampleNotes
Course Site Name The name has to be below 50 characters.   Bachelor of Information Technology The name of the site visible in the students' left pane and in the list of subject /course site.
Course Site ID Recommended length is less than 25 characters.

Allowed characters:
  • A-Z (Caps),
  • 0-9,
  • - ( hyphen ),
  • _ (underscore)
C-B_INFOTECH Once set, cannot be changed.

Needs to be short & descriptive.

The id is visible to students (shows up in the left pane of Blackboard).
Associated Course Codes & Course Names The Banner course codes associated with the course site XXXXX

Bachelor of Information Technology
The Banner course codes are not seen but these are used to automate the student membership into the course site.

Also known as program code.
Membership What do we need the membership rule to be? All active students in the course code/s. The default membership is "All active students within the associated course codes".

 We are also able to restrict membership to specific CSU campuses and/or DE students.
Course Administration People The CSU login/s of staff who will be initially added to the site and from there be responsible for adding other staff users to the site. jxysmith - John Smith
jxybloggs - Josephine Bloggs

The following details are required for changes to an existing course site:

  • Course Site ID: The course ID of the site requiring modification
  • Request: The modification request
  • What is currently used for course-related activity and communication? A course online discussion forum? An interact site? A website? Other? Are these requirements to be translated into an i2 site?
  • Are there any new purposes that the course site will/could be used for?
  • Plan a typical course site structure. What activities will the course site need to support? What information will it need to contain? What tools will be required? Who will be responsible for initial development and ongoing maintenance?

Once the purpose and requirements of the course site have been considered, plan professional development for those staff who are to be involved in the development, maintenance and activity of the site. To do this complete an SRS request and an Educational Designer will be able to help plan and deliver relevant professional development.