Manage Site Users

A 'user' in Interact2 is considered to be anyone that uses the system whether they are students, teaching staff or administrative staff.

Roles in Interact2 determine what a user can and can't do within Blackboard.

Find out what roles exist in your site, how to enrol new users and who is automatically given access to your site.

There are five types of users:

  • Student: Enrolled students have access to all areas in the course that contain content and assessments. Students are automatically added to the Interact2 course/subject. Students cannot access any areas of the Control Panel.
  • Instructor: The Instructor role has access to all areas of the Control Panel and is generally given to the person developing, teaching or facilitating the course. Those with the Instructor role can access a course that is unavailable to Students.
  • Full Staff: Faculty have access to most features of the Control Panel. This includes the ability to develop test questions, verify grades, manage users, and many others. Full Staff may access a course that is unavailable to Students.
  • Non Grade Staff: Course builders have access to all course functions except the Grade Center. The role of a course builder is assigned by the course instructor.
  • Guest: The Guest role is intended to be a "read only" role. Guests in a course or subject site will generally be users who are not directly participating in site activity.

There are three roles available in organisations:

  • Leader: Leaders have full access to the site's Control Panel and functionality. This role is generally assigned to the person developing or facilitating the organisation, and by default is assigned to the person who created the organisation.
  • Assistant: Users with the Assistant role have access to most of the Control Panel.
  • Participant: The Participant role is the default organisation role assigned when adding users to the site.  A user with the role of Participant has no access to the Control Panel.

Enrolling and Removing Users

Users should only be manually enrolled as a last resort, students should be automatically enrolled via the Banner system and staff members should be added via the ACSES system by their Faculty Subject Admin team. To enrol users manually:

  1. In the Control Panel under Users and Groups, click Users
  2. Click the Find Users to Enrol button
  3. If the user's Account ID is known, type it in the Username box, select a role from the dropdown menu, and click the Submit button
  4. If the user's Account ID is not known, click the Browse button to search for the user by name
  5. Select Last Name in the dropdown box, enter the user's last name and click Go (you can also search by Username, First Name, or Email)
  6. Place a check mark next to the correct user
  7. Click the Submit button
  8. Choose the appropriate role from the dropdown menu
  9. Click the Submit button

Organisation Site: users do not automatically have access to your Organisation site, the Organisation Leader will need to manually add these users and place them into an appropriate role. (Note: The user needs to exist within the Interact2 system for them to be added)

Subject/Course Site – Students: student access is automatically granted to your Subject or Course site based on their subject/course enrolment in the Student Administration system, Banner.

Subject Site – Staff: staff access to your Subject site is controlled by the Academic Course and Subject Entry System (ACSES) that is maintained by each respective School. Staff are automatically added and assigned to their appropriate role, based on the definition in ACSES.

CSU Course Site – Staff: CSU Course sites are setup by Division of Information Technology (DIT) by the Course Director requesting the creation of a Course Site through a Service Desk request. The requester, along with any requested staff, are added to the site at the time of creation (any other staff roles have to be added manually by pre-existing staff in the CSU Course Site).

Adding external users to your site

There may be instances where users outside the university would require access to your site. These users will not be able to gain access to your site unless they hold a temporary CSU account.

Such users may include:

  • CSU Partner Staff who are not adjunct
  • Conference attendees
  • Visiting research students
  • External vendors/contractors

Once these temporary users have an account, a staff member with an appropriate permission level will need to manually add these users and place them into an appropriate role.

Manually adding users to your Subject/Course site

The process of granting user access for Subject/Course sites should be left to the automatic provisioning that occurs in the university. i.e. ACSES, and the Student Administration System, Banner.

The primary reasons to manually add a user are:

  • They hold a temporary CSU account and require access to your site
  • Students who require access to the site material and are not able to access it through the subject site in which they are enrolled

Casual Academics that have a contract with CSU will be defined in the HR system, and can be added via ACSES.