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Merging Sites

What is a Merged Course?

A merged course is a site in which multiple subjects are merged into one site. It is then possible to work in one site instead of having to manage student interactions and grading across multiple sites.

Identifying Merged Courses

Merging copies the student enrollments from one or more "child" courses into a "parent" course.  In the subject listing, Parent and Child subjects are displayed together. Content and teaching is managed from the parent site. After merging the child course will be unavailable.

After merging occurs, all enrolments in the child site are replicated in the parent site.

Important Information before you commence the Merge:

  • You must be the subject coordinator/instructor for each site.
  • The subject outline of each site needs to be published before the merge can occur.
  • Offerings can be merged if they:
    • are in the same session
    • have the same assessment attributes (same number of assessments, same title, value, due date)
    • have exactly the same Grade centre columns
  • You can unmerge subject sites.

IMPORTANT: Subject Outline Publication Date

The publication date for the Subject Outline is 2 weeks before students commence.  To merge subjects you will need to set a publication date to allow a merge to occur. The ‘Set Publication Date’ function allows Authors to set the date that Version 1 of the Subject Outline should be published.

Students will not notice any difference when accessing the subject site. Students will have access to the subject outline for their particular cohort.