Set Up Notifications

The notification system alerts you when events occur in your sites, such as when items are due, grades are available, new content and tests are made available, and when you have unread discussions and blogs. Notifications are generated automatically whenever their associated events occur.

Notifications are delivered via the Updates page. You can also receive notifications by email if you select the items you want to be notified of by email. See Settings below for more information.

The Updates page is a part of My Blackboard, which is the name given to the menus and shortcuts that you see by clicking the arrow next to your name at the top of any page. This is also known as the global navigation menu.


Announcement notifications: By default, all members of Interact2 organisations, course and subject sites will receive an email copy of all announcements made from within sites they belong to.

This means that an email version of each new announcement will be sent even if you don't tick the box "Send a copy of this announcement immediately" when making the announcement. Some differences to note:

  • The automatic email may take up to 30 minutes to be sent, whereas if you tick the "send immediately" box the email notification is immediate.
  • The automatic email will be from and contain the footer "This is an automatically generated notification from Blackboard. You can change your notification settings at any time by going to Settings, Edit Notification Settings. Please do not reply", whereas...
  • The "send immediately" version will be from the email address of the person making the announcement and contain no such footer.