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Session 202090

IMPORTANT COVID-19 INFORMATION: The Vice-Chancellor has confirmed that in light of COVID-19 this session will commence in online delivery mode. The Transitioning On-Campus to Online Delivery website describes the minimum standards for delivering an on-campus subject online. The website also contains supporting resources and professional learning opportunities.

Please note: Subject preparation processes within and across Faculties/Schools can vary; the below pages are to be used as a guide only. In the first instance, refer to directives from Faculty and your School especially in relation to due dates.

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To import the session calendar into your personal or school calendar click on the download button above and then follow the import calendar instructions. This will add all session dates to your calendar.  All dates show as 'Free.'

If you are unable to download the calendar please use the feedback form on this page.

  • PreSession
  • Early Weeks of Session
  • During/End of Session
Recommended dates Task to be completed Resources

7th Sep 2020

(All subjects) Review actions from previous session:

Visit QUASAR for the current session. To view action for each subject ‘go to actions’ on the far right side of the menu.

Close items as they are completed.

(Some subjects) Subject Validation:

If there has been a CASIMS change that is to be applied from this session, then the Subject Validation form in QUASAR needs to be completed by the convenor and moderator 6 weeks before the start of session as part of the creation and QA of the master subject outline.

Subject Outline multiple cohort subjects:

Allocate Subject Outline publishing responsibilities. No access to Subject Outline? Email your Faculty Subjects Admin Team.

Access Issues?

No access to the subject outline or QUASAR? Then email your Faculty Subjects Admin Team.

21st Sep 2020

Textbook confirmation:

Ensure textbooks listed in the Subject Outline are confirmed on the Textbook Confirmation webpage. Ensure the right title, author, publisher and edition are included.

Learn how to optimise student access to textbooks and how to use eBooks for teaching.

Check Primo Search, to find if eBook options are available and direct students to link the ebook etiquette.

Are you considering changing or updating the current textbook? Contact your Faculty Librarian for assistance.

Subject Outline single cohort subjects: 
Clone and review Subject Outline.

Review assessments:
Review assessments tasks with reference to the subject outline quality assurance checklist. Consider the inclusion of early low stakes assessment, and embedded literacy and numeracy skills development, especially for subjects with large numbers of commencing students. If your assessments require information & digital literacy, is this reflected in the question and/or rubric? For support with your assessment, please log a job with our Service Request System (SRS).

28th Sep 2020

Review subject readings:

Check readings for currency and accurate citations. Ensure copyright compliance.

Do you need to update your readings, for assistance contact your Faculty Librarian.

Find out more about Leganto, enrol in PD or check out Using Leganto: For staff.

Review existing Leganto lists, for assistance creating, updating, reusing or editing contact

See eReserve & Reserve webpage for all other reading requests and to request high demand physical items (textbooks, DVDs, and other audio visual materials) for print Reserve.

5th Oct 2020

Submit Master Subject Outline for QA:
Subject convenor to ensure that the Master Subject Outline complies with the Subject Outline QA Checklist.

Submit for Quality Assurance. QUASAR Subject validation form submitted if required.

12th Oct 2020

Master Subject Outline ready to be published: 
Incorporate any QA feedback received and approved to await publishing two weeks before the start of session.

19th Oct 2020

Multiple cohort subjects - clone Subject Outline from master:
QA Officer ensures consistency and approves all remaining subject outlines to await publishing two weeks before the start of session.

By default, all Outline publication dates are set to two weeks prior to session commencing. Use the “date picker” to select your preferred publication date if you require your outline to be available earlier.

If required, merge cohorts within Interact2:
Merge cohorts if required. All Subject Outlines must be published before merging.

For support with your subject, please log a job with our Service Request System (SRS).

Set-up interact2 site:
Export content from previous site and import to site(s) for current session. Rearrange any navigation order if required.

Remove old Leganto list links and add new Tool link, see the Using Leganto: For staff for more information.

Check technology has been set up correctly:
Check the setup of technologies such as Online Meeting, CSU Replay (Panopto).

Review content and activities for currency in Interact2:
Review learning activities and consider subject currency, constructive alignment, and copyright compliance.

Check all subject links:
Check all links within content and update out of date or broken links.  Consider copyright compliance.

Request additional subject support (Optional):
Request an Academic Skills to host an information session relevant to the skills needed in the subject. Contact Disability Services for support with Assistive Technology. If you have an Embedded Librarian, add them to your I2 site.

26th Oct 2020

Develop landing page/homepage in Interact2:
Create your landing page with your name, contact details, image, academic bio, subject introduction, contact medium and times.  Alternate design could include regular updates.

The default entry page will be the Subject Outline tool. To change the default to your landing page access the change entry point instructions. For support, please log a job with our Service Request System.

Get ready to engage with your students:
Create an introductory activity to orient the student to the subject, any technology students will be required to use or as a ‘get to know you’ for the students.

Set up other tools such as Groups, Wikis, Blogs or Journals. (If not an assessment item).

Create Discussion Forums and Threads. Create an Ask a Librarian forum if you have one as part of your embedded librarian support.

Request early opening of the Interact2 site (if required).

View Interact2 using student preview:
Check appearance, embedded videos, and subject navigation using Student Preview.

Make content unavailable to students if you are still working on it.

2nd Nov 2020

Interact2 sites visible including Subject Outline, to enrolled students.

Welcome message (Regardless of mode):
Send an announcement to all students providing an overview of the subject, your 'office hours', best contact method, and expected response time.  Include information specific to your subject such as residential schools compulsory classes or work placements. Keep it short, focused, and welcoming.

Set up assessment tools:
Set up assessment tools such as Blogs, Journals, Discussion Forums or Tests after Subject Outline is published.

Grade Centre Interact2:
Confirm grade centre totals. Ensure there is one column for each task and columns are named clearly. Check cumulative totals 100.  Check all the assessment items are feeding into the cumulative total and columns details are correct.

16th Nov 2020

Session starts:
Now you have completed the Pre-session tasks please move onto the suggested tasks for Early weeks of Session tab.

Recommended dates Task to be completed Resources

16th Nov 2020

Welcome message (Regardless of mode):
Send an announcement providing guidelines about how they should be approaching the subject and expectations for the first week. Keep it short, focused and welcoming. Consider a weekly announcement following the same format.

Meet and get to know your students: 
Develop a high Teacher Presence – respond to queries in the Discussion Board, or allow time in face to face sessions to answer questions.

Facilitate a ‘get to know you’ activity prepared prior to session commencement.

Conduct a poll giving students a choice regarding their learning e.g. options for online meeting times.

Consider encouraging the development of study groups

Outline assessment expectations:
Outline assessment tasks expectations. If online, run an online meeting and provide recording.

23rd Nov 2020

University student support:
Advise students about individual study support options relevant to your subject (e.g. Library, Academic Skills).

Promote your Embedded Librarian (Optional):

Make an announcement prior to a Library class or to promote a Research Skills Guide to encourage engagement with the resources prior to the assessment.

4th Dec 2020

HECS Census Date

7th Dec 2020

Support students requiring pre-census guidance:
Consider data from early low stakes assessment (where applicable) and Interact2 access when providing feedback. Provide information about relevant student services.

Prepare and submit end of session exam:
For subjects with an end of session exam, it is time to submit an exam request form. In consultation with subject coordinators, develop an exam and submit for QA.

14th Dec 2020

Consider downloading calendar reminders for next teaching session

Recommended dates Task to be completed Resources

14th Dec 2020

Maintain Teacher Presence:
Maintain teacher presence to support engagement, through announcements, answering forum questions and monitoring discussion. Guide students with information about topic expectations, time they should be spending on tasks and provide feedback on tasks and answer queries.

Before remaining assessment tasks:
Provide reminders about assessment due dates.
Organise Assessment support e.g. video or online meeting to discuss rubric marking criteria and assessment queries.
Encourage students to complete any tasks related to assessment.
Consider providing exemplars that reinforce expectations.

21st Dec 2020

Assessment Feedback:
Consider using a variety of methods to provide timely individual assessment feedback. NORFOLK allows for written, audio and video files.
For assessment item(s) to be moderated, consult relevant Faculty guidelines.
Moderation and Grades form in QUASAR can be started as soon as assessments are moderated.

28th Dec 2020

Subjects with end of session exam:
Subject Convenor uploads exam to exams portal

18th Jan 2021

Preparation for exams:
Consider distributing an exam guidance statement (must be identical for each cohort).
Consider inviting Academic Skills to provide advice about exam prep.

15th Feb 2021

Thank students for involvement in the subject and remind them to complete the Subject Evaluation Survey.

8th Mar 2021

Moderation of assessment:
Complete required moderation of assessment (refer to relevant Faculty guidelines). Submit completed ‘Moderation & Grades’ form in QUASAR.

29th Mar 2021

Subject reflection:
As soon as subject performance data is available and after all marking and moderation has been completed, consider organising a subject team meeting to discuss any issues with subject performance, the assessment tasks, marking criteria, marking and moderation process.

Document key issues identified and action items to be taken and submit the completed ‘Subject Reflection and Planning’ form in QUASAR. prior to the 2nd School Assessment Committee meeting.