Content Collection/DOMS

There are two ways to store content for a subject site.  Explore the options below.

In Interact2, you can use Content Collection to store, manage, and share content for a course/subject. The Content Collection has a number of features that enhance the capabilities that already exist in Interact2.

Content Collection

The Blackboard Content Collection:

  • is fully integrated with Interact2
  • makes reusing files much easier -- you can save a file in the Content Collection once and link to that file
  • allows easy file management -- when a file that resides in the Content Collection needs updating, you can update it only once and there won't be any need to go into upload an updated version of the file
  • reduces resource consumption because the files can be managed and shared without the need for duplication
  • provides an easy drag-and-drop interface through the Web Folder feature that makes copying and managing large number of files much easier
  • functions as a storage space for resources that is available from anywhere by logging in to Interact2.

Permissions: Permissions are an easy way to share content while protecting it from unauthorised changes. Permissions enable students to read files added to the Content Collection. The item's owner must grant permissions for users to access content directly from the Content Collection and also through links in courses and portfolios.

The following permissions are available within the Content Collection:

  • Read: Users have the ability to view items or folders.
  • Write: Users have the ability to make changes to items and folders.
  • Remove: Users have the ability to remove items from the folder or the folder itself.
  • Manage: Users have ability to control the properties and settings of items and folders.

The Digital Object Management System (DOMS) is a digital repository that can store all your CSU resources in one place. A collection in DOMS stores any copyright free (or CSU copyright) reusable digital resources.

The use of DOMS ensures a productive use of shared resources whilst keeping the material in one central place. The material can then be used across the university (within the i2 subject and/or course sites or CSU webpages) with the latest updates and versions available.

DOMS is shareable (one resource can be shown in many places), searchable (keywords), and sustainable (persistent links, ease of resource rollover).

Logging onto DOMS:

Go to the CSU DOMS login page at:

Enter your CSU login name and current CSU password and select Log in.

If you have any questions about DOMS, please email