Create Content using i2 Theme Styles

The Interact2 theme provides a significant updated look and also aims to improve the accessibility and readability of material.

Included within the new theme are some additional named styles which allow consistent formatting to be applied to paragraphs, quotes, headings and so on. At this stage these are accessible only through HTML coding but in future they will be available through pull down menus within the editor.


Can I still use Internet Explorer to access Interact2?

The use of Internet Explorer (IE) is not recommended for accessing Interact2 under the new theme. The IE browser has been deprecated by Microsoft, which means its use is no longer recommended. It does not support the latest HTML standards and an increasing number of sites on the Internet no longer work properly using it. We would recommend the use of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge to access Interact 2 from here on.

My CSU replay recordings are not scaling correctly on mobile devices and students can only see part of the video.

There seems to be display issues when students are viewing CSU replay on mobile devices and to overcome this enable the Panopto Tool link in the left-hand menu so that students can see the tool (see the DIT website for assistance on how to do this in your i2 site: The Panopto tool link will give students access to all recordings for your subject and gives them the option on Mobile devices to continue in browser (the videos fit on screen when viewed in a browser unlike the embedded versions) or to download the mobile app.