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Editing Content

After you build content containers you are able to edit and manage these items.

Details on how to reorder items, hide content and use the content editor are included in this section.

Be sure the edit mode is ON before attempting these instructions.

Access menu item options

Click on the Chevron for a list of options, such as the Edit feature.  The options available will depend on the item you select.

Reorder menu items/content

Content appears in the order that you add it but it can be reordered.

A. Use the drag-and-drop function: Press the arrows next to the item.  Drag the item to the new location.

B. Alternatively, use the reordering tool to reorder content. Select an item in the list and use the Move up or Move Down icons to adjust the order

How to hide content in your content menu

Click on the downward arrow next to the content you want to hide

From the menu, select the option for Hide Link

How to hide content folders or items

Click on the downward arrow next to the item you want to hide

From the menu, select the edit option

Scroll down and check the option "No" for Permit Users to View this Content

Click the Submit button

The Content Editor

The content editor allows you to add and format text, insert equations and hyper links, tables, and attach different types of files to create content.

To learn more about Content Editor, visit Blackboard's Content Editor.

Right click and Paste does not work in the textbox. Paste copied text into the textbox using the keyboard command Ctrl V.

Consider using a text editor such as Notepad to remove formatting before you paste into the textbox.

Using iFrames

The content editor allows you to add content directly via HTML code. This includes the use of iFrames. For security reasons only certain websites are allowed to be embedded via an iFrame. Please see the allowed list below. If you would like to embed other reputable websites please log a DIT support ticket with your request.

Allowed iFrame embedded websites:

  • CSU SCCI Media Service
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • SlideShare

Need more help?

If you need assistance with formatting please log a DLT Service Request System