Deploy a Test or Survey

If you have not added the test or survey to a content area you will need to deploy the test or survey.

After you create a test or survey, the next step is to deploy the test or survey to a content area, folder or learning module.

  1. Navigate to where you want to add a test or survey.
  2. Select Assessments to access the menu and select Test or Survey.
  1. Select a test or survey from the list (or add an existing Test or Survey).

  2. Select Submit. The Test or Survey Options page appears.
  3. Make the test or survey available to students by setting up the test options. (Refer to Blackboard help or Interact2 Help and Support - Test or Survey Options for more information).
  4. Or if Test or Survey Options have already been set update relevant details such as the due date and display dates.
  5. Select Submit.