Test and Survey Results

You can view statistical information about your tests and surveys from your subject site.

Statistics help you evaluate the effectiveness of your tests and surveys. For example, find out what percentage of your students chose each Multiple Choice answer for one of your tests.

Column statistics

Each test and survey in the Grade Centre has an option where you can view column statistics on overall class performance. The statistical information includes these:

  • Statistics, such as standard deviation and average score
  • How many attempts are in progress, need grading, or are exempt
  • Grade distribution

In Grade Centre, you can access the column statistics by going to the top of the test or survey column, click the grey chevron and you will get a list of options. Click on Column Statistics.

Sample of the Column Statistics screen in Interact2

You can also view attempts statistics which show how your student coped on each question.

Item Analysis

Item analysis provides statistics on overall individual performances and test performance. This data helps you recognise questions that might be poor discriminators of student performance.

Use item analysis for:

  • Improve questions for future test administrations or to adjust credit on current attempts.
  • Discuss test results with your class.
  • Provide a basis for remedial work.
  • Improve classroom instruction.

You can also run an item analysis on a test, and look at the test summary on the Item Analysis page.